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In a rather sad unfolding story just weeks after the Director General of the National Lottery Regulatory Commission(NLRC), Mr Lanre Gbajabiamila came under heavy fire over misappropriation of funds within his commission, SecretReporters learned that an alleged vocal challenger to the DG gave up the ghost over the weekend in what could be termed a mysterious coincidence.

This online news medium gathered that allegedly in connection to the fact finding mission by the house committee on Governmental Affairs on the activities of the commission, it was uncovered that upon assumption of office, the DG whose tribalistic and egocentric nature has always been visible at the commission started a cold war with the head of the Information Technology Department of the commission, Kalu Okoro owing to the fact he was outspoken and bent on keeping his records in black and white as he refutably refused to join the bandwagon of swindlers in the commission despite vehement coercion by the Mr lanre the alleged kingpin.

To show his patriotism Kalu Okoro was said to be the first to challenge Lanre that there were obvious leakages through which fund was being diverted from the commission’s purse and nobody was held accountable for such looting spree.

Sensing danger and in a bid to conceal his nefarious activities within the commission, SecretReporters learned that the DG ensured that Kalu Okoro was replaced with a lady whom sources alleged to be his girlfriend cum aide who he was paying N500,000 (Five hundred thousand Naira) monthly as he believed that Kalu’s position gave him access and an eagle eye to know the amount of money coming in mostly from gambling and sports betting companies in the country.

The DG who was bent on frustrating the life of Kalu allegedly breached the civil service code of conduct by intentionally transferring him from Kaduna to Kano and then to Enugu not minding the tedious nature of his job without just cause.

Sadly, information received by this online news medium of the mysterious death of Kalu Okoro in a hospital in Abuja indicates that he died for allegedly knowing too much about the revenue generated in the commission with many accusing fingers pointing to Lanre whose alleged defamatory remark “He got what he deserved” while referring to Okoro’s death was typical of someone who could go to any length to protect his interest.

This outrageous personality of the DG over time has led to the chaotic state of the commission as like a wolf in sheep clothing he has continued to device incessant measures to ensure he covers his numerous evil and dehumanizing practices in the commission.

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