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Okowa, Ekwueme and Makinde


Secret Reporters

It was on one of those sunny days when the Delta State Governor, Sen. Ifeanyi Okowa was livid as more reports on how the Delta State Oil Producing Areas Commission (DESOPADEC) has turned the place to a feasting table, and he made up his mind to dissolve the entire board.

Our sources within the government circle revealed that Okowa could no longer stomach the one week, one negative report that was written on DESOPADEC especially the Managing Director, Mr Williams Makinde and the Executive Director, Finance and Administration, Mr Askia Ogieh. He called Makinde to his office, demanding for every kobo spent so far, as well as the paper works used to disburse the funds, which the MD tendered, but was filled with irregularities.

We authoritatively learnt that two of the governor most trusted aides, one whom he holds dear to heart and another who is a Senior Special Assistant on Special Duties to begin to look into the files and books of DESOPADEC and there the pronouncement to dissolve the board was concluded in the heart of the number one citizen of the state.

Grace was however to smile on the board members who would have heard of their sack through this medium, when former Vice President of Nigeria, Alex Ekwueme came to Delta State for a private meeting with the governor. Our sources disclosed that the governor complained bitterly to him on how DESOPADEC is embarrassing his government in the media and has decided to dissolve the board with the exception of two members, Mr Ochor Ochor and Mr Oghoore, who have kept their hands clean in the media. “Oga doesn’t know that Ochor Ochor is a bastard thief, but because you people are yet to bring out his dossiers, oga think he’s not a thief. For Oghoore, the man no too get wahala. He is not as greedy and stingy like the other board members”, our source confided in us.

Ekwueme we learnt prevailed on the governor to allow the board stays, as it was too early in his administration to start sacking and dissolving boards, especially as the Supreme Court is yet to decide his case. The former number two man advised the governor to give them another lifeline and warning before bringing down the sword of Damocles on them. This intervention saved the board, we can report with every element of facts.

The MD and the board members who heard of it quickly held a closed door meeting in his house to find a common ground and save their heads. The meeting which ought to have been hosted by Askia was moved away, as the host was already jittery that he has lost his job.

In the closed door meeting held, our sources within disclosed that Makinde told them to start cleaning all files used in stealing money and find none existent projects to tag with it, while finding a way to deal with the publishers and reporters of Secret Reporters. Makinde told the board that the anger of the governor is how they shared over One Hundred and Ten Million Naira for last year Christmas as if they are Santa Claus, yet the money never got to the right persons, but was lodged in their private accounts, which this medium blew open.

One of the Commissioners who partook in the sharing of the bonanza from Father Christmas Askia Ogieh is Karo Ilolo who is in charge of Urban Renewal. He got the sum of Five Hundred Thousand Naira, as well as nominating three of his boys who got Three Hundred Thousand Naira and others got poorly packaged deceiving empowerment pack of grinding machines, that they have since sold out.

One of the biggest fraud that is about to rock the commission involves document revealing how billions of Naira has been secretly earmarked to bribe the State Governor who is not aware of it and other billions for the Delta State lawmakers with sharing formula already out.

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