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If sources who reached out to Secrets Reporters with sensational information are anything to go by, then former Nigeria Minister of Information and gubernatorial candidate, Labaran Maku during President Goodluck Jonathan regime, can be concluded to be one of the richest government appointees that served the country.

According to informants, Maku who contested for governor of Nasarawa State but lost immediately started withdrawing all his ill gotten wealth as soon as he lost the guber race, knowing that there will be no immunity to stop the probing.

We gathered reliably that the total sum of N37 billion was secretly tucked away in his big farm in Nasarawa. He was however unlucky as a tip off to some security personnel patrolling the state saw his wealth crumbling. Some soldiers were alleged to have stormed the farm in a commando fashion to find out if the informant was correct and to their astonishment, the whooping sum of billions were found there. The money was carefully put in various waterhead tanks with pipe linking it to make it look like a water storage to water the farm.

A total of seven military Hilux trucks loaded with money some sources said were sighted driving away from the farm. Information pieced together by this medium is that the State government was the ones that told the military of Maku wealth. According to a very knowledgeable indigene of Nasarawa, the government did so to stop Maku from having money to pursue the case at the tribunal.

According to Dr Idris Ahmed, most of Nigeria corrupt politicians now keep their ill-gotten wealth in:

1. Farms.
2. Overhead water tanks at home.
3. Granaries at home and at relatives’ homes in villages.
4. Trunk boxes.
5. Underground bunkers for storing Yams and Potatoes.
6. Irrigation farms and plots.
7. Old cars that are no longer in service.
8. Underground fuel tanks at disused petrol stations.
9. Ceilings inside houses.
10. Family graves.
Besides the aforementioned, one other ingenious way that the criminals have been using to hide our stolen wealth is the use of converted houses.”

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  1. Suleiman Muhammad


    .. God!!!!

  2. Lord have mercy. Greed in high places.

  3. Comment:Like it was done in 1984, (if this story is true) the immediate change of Nigerian Naira (within a very limited time frame) is most innevitable. It will render useless, all these cash buried by our nation looters

  4. There is…….time and season, for everything!

  5. There is…….time and season for everything!

  6. Good Lord

  7. You all will recall that this PDP parrot and megaphone of information minister, confidently resigned his job and boastfully told Nigerians that he is going to deliver Nasarawa to PDP. Along the route, he changed gear and headed for APGA for governorship contest. BARAWO, OLE!
    One by one, NEMESIS will chase them into the net.
    PDP, they are LOOTERS, life snatching KILLERS.

  8. Etumudon isaac hillary

    Comment:Hmmmmm! obnoxious and recacitrantant form of full of egocentrism.God help our country.

  9. But, is it true? If the answer is in the affirmactive, where is Maku now?

  10. For godsek if the information is true why some people are saying pmb government is notworking?

  11. Comment: Hw true are u ? Dis is a greviouse alligation. dere is fact in dis issue. Cos he who asert must prove.

  12. Comment: Pls dere is no fact in issue
    pls whom ever beliv in dis greviouse alligation must proof. Dis is de work of our poltical shenanigance

  13. May Allah the almighty help us in this country today.pdp good bye forever,,,

  14. so sad an scaring

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