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Nigerians are the easiest people to govern, even in the midst of famine and dilapidated economic structure to the extent that we are working with no pay, we are still shouting SAI BABA because we are lost on personality than policy.
When I heard somebody protested in Egypt (CAIRO CITY) and Tunisia by immersing themselves in petrol and put fire just because the prize of bread was increased by 10%, I was lost in thought because in Nigeria, something like that will be tagged EEDI/ASASI (SPELL). How will people who cannot protest when their salaries are not paid now react when petrol becomes 1000/litre?

Mr Buhari should Thank optimistic Nigerians for the believe deposed on you, he should remember the case of GEJ who was also given a rousing welcome on the eve of his inauguration just like we have today.
Nigerians have paid painful prizes this days for the sins committed by deceitful govt and its greedy Agents, we have remain resolute in the face of this trauma because we believe in you. We have confronted your adversaries with our message of HOPELESS HOPES and they could not outshine us even though we are only Banking on unsure hope.

We have labeled them wailing WAILERS just for your sake and most of them including their megaphone Fayose could not derail our strong believe in you.

However, the catastrophes will be heavy on us should hardships continue to thrives even after you have acceded the long overdue fiscal document. This time around, we that have praised you will relax our praise singing and put you on your toes.
There are reasons Economists bring forward the concept of “SCALE OF PREFERENCE” it shows human/society wants are insatiable while resources to prosecute the wants is satiable. Thus, there are major issues bordering on the nation that must be priority to your government.

*poverty /hunger must be driven out to at least 85% (and hungry People is am angry people)
*Fulani herdsmen killings must be checked
*Niger Delta militants and other security threats must be dealt with just like the Shittes groups .
*power must be restored(I av bin charging my phone with laptops)
*Fuel must be well available, we don’t want to know how you will do it.

The best way to start is to put the competency of your ministers and other government figures into immediate test. If you get a wrong manager to manage even a viable system, the system will definitely collapse with time, we cannot continue to risk our general elections with all these INCONCLUSIVENESS.

The wound of this INCONCLUSIVENESS on KOGI today may not be healed for the next 4yrs, a man clinching governance with less than 50k votes doesn’t follow common sense and not legitimate. The right decision of INEC to have canceled the whole elections and fix a new date would have simply averted this evil. Today, kogi, Bayelsa, rivers, Edo are not more enjoying stability due to the unwise decision INEC made.

It is high time Mr president rise above partisanship and become what he called himself ” A MAN OF EVERYBODY & A MAN OF NOBODY” there is no need making your friends what they are incapable to be, there are millions ways to pay back loyalty rather than putting the nation at stake due incompetent people handling the affairs of polity.

Buhari should not give anything to chance, ministers that still do not have clear cut agenda of what to do in his ministry so far is not fit to continue. There are more intelligent people around, seek and put them in the system.

Saraki case should be given speedy trial, we have watched his films enough, let the law send him to where he belongs on time so that normalcy will be restored.

Buhari has no reason to blame Jonathan again after the budget is signed, let the good work begins and put smiles on the faces of common men you represent. This is the change we expected and not only to arrest thieves.

God bless PMB,
God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria
God bless Kwara State.
Congratulations Nigerians and expect the best.

Olusegun Olusola

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  1. The wrier missed a pin here he president have no biz in INEC matters if he intervene am sure he will be among the first to criticise him. On Saraki the president or the party have no moral justification in accusing Saraki to be corrupt. They knew this and handed over the party machine and structure in kwara to him. They knew this and received money he stole from him to aist in winning election they knew this accepted him into their fold allowed him to
    convince other PDP defectors to join the party. The writer too did not talk of the corruption allegation laid on the EFCC and the Attorney general. The president cannot do magic with the budget things will have to take shape naturally. Finally are Nigerian really redy fo he change?

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