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The date was 15th December 2011, when the then Commissioner for Works, Mr Solomon Funkekeme wrote back to his counterpart in Environment, Mr Frank Omare  who had earlier written that Funkekeme and his team visit the site for the construction of Foreshore wall for Aruoton, Manadgho, Adjudiabo and Akpakpa communities in Warri South West.

A seventy five page documents exclusively obtained by Secret Reporters detailed how the contract award started with fraud and breach of contract rules from the very beginning. It’s a glaring investigation into how the Prime Minister of Warri also known as the Ologbotsere, Ayiri Emami swindled the state of millions without lifting a sand to site.

One of the documents with Ref No: CE 6031/138 by Funkekeme explained how they carried out investigation on the site on October 27th 2011 by nine team members, with four from Ministry of Works, One from Environment, two from one MBHH Nigeria Ltd and curiously one Mr Mutu Dominic, the CEO of Obode Consultancy Ltd  who happened to be the consultant engaged by the State and finally, Andrew Emami as the community representative and ironically the younger brother of the Delta born corrupt millionaire, Ayiri Emami, who was given the contract without proper bidding.


The beginning of the fraud

Fifteen months after the visit to the site, we gathered that former Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan directed his Deputy, Amos Utuama who heads the State Tenders Board to unilaterally award the job to Easy Quest Nigeria Limited. To stop tongues from wagging in the office where the award letter was typed, the address of Easy Quest was changed to 12, Idimi Jakpa Quarters, Okere, Warri. Investigations by us revealed that no company of such is sited there. The real address was to come out later.

With Ref No: STB 10/T/60, the letter stated that the award was for N1.694 billion against the N1.7 billion that Easy Quest ‘bidded’. The board agreed for “50% down payment as mobilization fee subject to the provision of an Advance Payment Guarantee (APG) from a reputable financial institution and a completion period of 24 months”.

Of course, Easy Quest Limited accepted and the whooping sum of N847,105,875 million hit their bank account. The Obode Consultants also smiled away with N75,709,652 as their fee for actually doing nothing. What Deltans and indeed Nigerians never knew was that there was a conspiracy between Uduaghan, Easy Quest (found later to be owned by Ayiri), Frank Omare, Funkekeme and the so called Obode Consultants to divert the cash. The truth as investigated by Secret Reporters is that Obode was owned by a twenty six years old boy, Dominic Mutu, who floated the company in UK for fraud and was non existence even till date, when the government ‘gave’ him the consultancy job. The fraud just began.

Seven months after, exactly October 3rd after accepting the contract and not going near the site, Ayiri conspired with the twenty six years old ‘owner’ of Obode Consultancy Limited and mandated his Easy Quest Company to draft a letter directly to Uduaghan to increase the contract to N7 billion and demanded that the slush sum of N3.491 billion be paid to them as part of the 50% advance payment. On this, our sources confided in us that Uduaghan refused, and chose to ignore them. The next month of November 27th, Obode decided to write to Omare, explaining the need to modify the scope and specification of the project to enable the contractors commence.



With the defiance of Uduaghan to listen to the duo of Ayiri Emami and the Twenty Six years old boy London fraudster masquerading as Obode Consultants, the Commissioner for Environment, Omare, was drafted in with alleged assurance of kickback to officially write Uduaghan on the urgent need to pay Ayiri another sum of N3.523 billion as 50% and the eye popping sum of N146 million to Dominic Mutu as consultancy fees. Omare through File No: MOE/EC/838/6 pleaded with Uduaghan to “direct the ministries of Finance and Economic Planning to release the sum of N457.2 as mobilization fees being the 25% of the difference between the initial and the new contract sum to the contractor”. Again Uduaghan refused!


Since the Delta State Government led by Ifeanyi Okowa told the world how Ayiri got contract through Easy Quest but refused to mobilize to site, the millionaire born Itsekiri through his ‘boys’ has denied being the owner of the company.

Secret Reporters days of investigations however punctured Ayiri’s lies. One of the letters sent to the company via Ref No: MOE/EC/T2/02 was addressed to The Managing Director, EasyQuest Nigeria Limited, No. 1 Swiss Cottage Road, Boundary Ubeji, Warri. This address is incidentally the country home of Ayiri.

Deep investigations by Secret Reporters required this medium paying $500 which we did, to get into the files of Obode Consultancy Limited where we trailed it to the United Kingdom.

We can authoritatively report that Obode with Company No. 07242770 was registered in the UK with initial office address as 173A, Walesgrave Road, Stoke Coventry City, England, West Midland, England, CV2 4HH on 4th May 2010.

It had only one Director as at the time of registration that happens to be Dominic Mutu, born on January 1st 1982 and was 26 years old when he duped the Delta State Government. His rented apartment where he stays was where he filed as the office address.

Unable to transact any business with it, a letter was sent to him on 30th August 2011 warning clearly of the intention of the British Government to strike the name of its register after three months, if no evident of legitimate business leading to tax payment is made.

Three months after the warning, not one Pound business was done by Mutu and Obode Consultancy Limited was finally dissolved on 13th December 2011, leading to its permanent death.

Ironically, two years after takeover of the company by the Queen of England, Delta State Government decided to give a consultancy job to a boy that had never done such work all his life. The bigger fraud is that no Dominic Mutu ever existed as search by our private investigators in the United Kingdom, Nigeria and USA revealed that the company may just have been opened to commit fraud like this.


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