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Despite the millions donated by corporate bodies and individuals to help in combating the ongoing pandemic which has seen Lagos state topping the list in the number of persons infected with the novel Coronavirus, the staff of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) especially nurses who are giving in their best by working 24hrs to save lives have raised an alarm over the quality of food regularly served to them by the hospital management.

It was revealed that nurses on duty after working round the clock to battle the ongoing pandemic were served with Garri and Beans while their counterparts, the doctors, were served with Spaghetti and Chicken.

Food served to Nurses and Doctors in LASUTH

SecretReporters learned that the nurses on duty, however, rejected the food as it lacked the necessary vitalities to keep their body strong for a whole day.

It is also alleged that no Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was provided for most of the nurses to professionally do their work despite billions of Naira donated for the cause.

It is however disheartening that essential workers on the forefront of combating the pandemic are subjected to such working conditions as Nigerians call on the Federal government and the Lagos State government to quickly address the issue to avoid an escalation which may worsen the current health situation in the state with one of the highest population in the country.

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  1. U had better be careful of the things U post. This picture was taken about 5years ago. Because that Doctor at the front (in the picture) isn’t even at LASEM now & was the Head of Surgical emergency. So its better U clear ur false news. & don’t mislead people. Because for clout or traffic or whatever

    • First, remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye. If only you have a positive mind you would have understand that the featured image is for illustration purpose and doesnt have anything to do with the Authenticity of the story… The story is true. I worked there.

    • If the picture was taken about 5years ago as you claim, which is not even an issue, the issue is about the food served to the Nurses which is true and very recent… no lies

    • Adeyinka Salaudeen

      Please let’s forget about the personnel pictures in this post which is irrelevant but to respond on the issues of food served to our health care providers.
      I want to believe this is a mistake and old stories of Nurses are many when it comes to welfare. Please for God’s sake let those concerned correct this anomaly if the story is true

  2. Please secret reporters also beam your searchlight on delsuth, the same treatment is being meted out to the nurses.this is a Macedonian call please

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