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The goodwill of the Nigerian government towards the populace in Abuja is gradually becoming a source of death to the citizen.

Kuje General Hospital, a government hospital was established to cater for the poor and helpless who cannot afford some of the treatment provided. This prompted the Nigerian government at the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja to order the hospital authority to perform free caesarean operation (CS) on women while carrying out free antenatal care as well.

This act which went on well before now has suddenly become a looting conduit pipe for the medical doctors who work there, Secrets Reporters has authoritatively learnt. The medical workers who took a sacred oath before being given licensed to practice now collect money for every of such free operation and antenatal care, with refusal to pay spelling doom for the patients.

According to a very reliable source, patients are charged the sum of One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000) by the corrupt doctors before they operate on them. A current case under review which we have found out bothers about a woman who has been in the hospital since last week for fibroid operation. The surgery which ought to be free has been charged N100,000 by the fraudulent physicians.

The woman pleaded that she should be allowed to pay the sum of forty thousand Naira which they refused to collect, which has kept her still lying down on the hospital bed, pending when they have ‘mercy’ on her.

Another pathetic case is that of a woman lying down on the post natal ward who had a CS operation. In order to collect money from her husband since the operation is free, we gathered that they told the husband that she has appendectomy and needs a surgery, which must be paid for. The money which was paid for was never paid into the hospital account, but the private purse of doctors.

This fraud we gathered is not without the connivance of the Medical Director, Dr (Mrs) Tambundu who allegedly shares the proceed of the loot with her.

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  1. Ogedengbe Micheal

    This is a very untruthful story you have published here Mr Fejiro. As a purported journalist , the ethics of your profession demands that you at least fact check your story BEFORE publishing! As you said Kuje General Hospital is a public govt hospital which means anyone can walk in to verify your awful claims. Your hatred for doctors only make you myopic and the small credibility you had has been lost! Call it quits while you are ahead. The pictures of unpaid contract workers not employed by the hospital that you used is only for cheap publicity! See how you got it wrong again! You need to go and pray less the FCT decides to sue you. As the owners of that particular hospital, they are the ones you are defaming after all… Food for thought!!

    • You say he is lying , but l doubt it! Just like GEJ said he didn’t know that such level of corruption existed while he was president, I assume you will say same when arrests will be made. They thing is, you simply don’t know what people in different places of responsibility have turned nigeria into…just in the name of making money. You are wrong to say he hates doctors, he only abhors the uncontrolled misdemeanour of certain personalities who could have been better without much greed for money. Once again, he hasn’t said anything against Abuja, nor the hospital, but has simply reported what those entrusted with the responsibility of running the place have turned it into…if you are one of them, be careful as judgement day is fast approaching. ..

  2. this writer is a liar, please stop this lies

  3. this writer is a liar, not a journalist. please stop these lies

  4. Ikechukwu Geoffrey Nweke

    When ever issues are presented, the facts of the matter is glaring. Fejiro, don’t stop at this do more to save the situation please.

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