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Secret Reporters

The last may not have been heard of the massive fraud going on in the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) under Mr Nsima Ekere as the Managing Director.

His recent distribution of plastic chairs which began from his home State, Akwa Ibom we can authoritatively report is filled with high level powered fraud, as the chairs were awarded to mostly non existing companies.

In 2016, the Acting Managing Director of NDDC, Mrs Ibim Semenitari called for companies to bid for the supply of plastic chairs which will be supplied to the primary and secondary schools in the nine Niger Delta States. Without due process, fifteen companies allegedly won the bid for the production. Letters of award were given to the fifteen companies but without payment until she left office for Nsima to take over, stated our source.

Secret Reporters gathered that when the new MD from Akwa Ibom took over, some staff wrote to him to complain of the fraud in giving the contract of chair production to fifteen companies and warned that the amount bided was too much. It was through the letter he got to know that Senator Peter Nwaoboshi owned the whole fifteen companies.

Nsima allegedly held a meeting with Nwaoboshi in Abuja where he showed him the letter. They struck a deal where the commission will pay the companies seventy five percent upfront with twenty percent as kickback to the MD. With the dubious deal sealed, Nsima released monies to the companies and Nwaoboshi smiled to the bank. The contract was worth Three Billion, Four Hundred And Eighty Three Million, One Hundred and Forty Four Thousand Naira (N3,483,144,000).

The companies awarded the contracts as well as office address, Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) registration numbers and date of registration are:

BENCHMARK CONSTRUCTION & PROJECTS LTD 925180 Plot 3011B, Kuranakh Close, Maitama, FCT-Abuja. 03/12/2010
MILESTONE ALLIED BUILDERS LTD 925074 Plot 3011B, Kuranakh Close, Maitama, FCT-Abuja. 03/12/2010
EDENDOMA STARS INT’L None No address Not Registered
ISUMABE U.K. GLOBAL VENTURES 2388764 7, Chief Michael Metuiwe Street, Off Okpanam Road, Asaba, Delta State. 29/01/2016
NELPAT (NIG) COMPANY None No address Not Registered
EDRIHIDE COMPANY 2388832 7, Chief Michael Metuiwe Street, Off Okpanam Road, Asaba, Delta State. 01/02/2016
ANTLERS CONSTRUCTION & ALLIED WORKS LTD 925188 Plot 3011B, Kuranakh Close, Maitama, FCT-Abuja. 03/12/2010
AGH-ROWN VENTURES None No address Not Registered
NOAN INTEGRATED SERVICES LTD 987259 1, Odagwe Lane, Isieke, Ibusa, Delta State. 17/10/2011
DE TOWERS CONSTRUCTION & ALLIED SERVICES 925182 Plot 3011B, Kuranakh Close, Maitama, FCT-Abuja. 03/12/2010
EASTERN WROUGHT IRON LIMITED 3830 5, Station Road, Box 404, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. 20/06/1964
FRANSTINE NIG. ENT None No address Not Registered
BRANT TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED 395431 No. 34, Oromenike Layout, Emekuku Line, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. 22/11/2000
OMOZUABHO GLOBAL RESOURCES 117508 Block D, Mosheshe Estate, Off Airport Road, Warri, Uvwie, Delta State. 09/09/2011
BUGSTRUCT LTD 969754 Plot 120, Obiwali Road, Rumuigbo, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. 03/08/2011


Ironically, the same address used by Nwaoboshi to register Golden Touch Construction Projects Ltd, that was used to fraudulently buy Delta State Guinea House was also used to register four of the companies used to get contracts for the supply of plastic chairs, namely: Milestone Allied Builders Limited, Benchmark Construction & Projects Ltd, Antlers Construction & Allied Works Ltd and De Towers Construction & Allied Services Ltd they were registered on the same date of 3rd December, 2010.

Secret Reporters search at the CAC revealed that four of the companies called, Edendoma Stars Int’l, Nelpat (Nig.) Company, AGH-Rown Ventures and Franstine Nig. Enterprises which were paid over N2 billion by Nsima Ekere were not registered by Mr Peter Nwaoboshi, with no address found anywhere in the country, before Nsima signed away the whooping billions belong to the commission after getting a kickback of twenty percent through a front, our NDDC source alleged.

For just 72,000 plastic chairs and table which our market survey shows that the mass production of  customized ones will cost N6500 per unit, bringing  the cost to N468 million, Nsima Ekere and Nwaoboshi effortlessly fleeced the commission of N3 billion and smiled to their bank accounts shoulder high, after awarding it for N3.4 billion. Most shocking however is that none of the companies paid by Nsima to produce the chairs actually did as they were actually produced by a leading plastic company in Lagos and ferried to Port Harcourt, squealed our NDDC source.

Out of the 72,000 school desks and chairs, Akwa Ibom State will get 9,600 instead of 8000 that they should get, if divided equally among the nine Niger Delta States.

Calls placed to Nwaoboshi and Nsima Ekere to get their comments were not picked up neither did they reply messages sent to their phone lines.

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  1. Ikechi Osimini-beke

    This publication is full of falsehood, I work with Eastern wrought iron ltd, and it’s not owned by Nwoboshi as claimed by your write up. We participated in the contract bidding and won, we have also completed our job but yet to be paid. The address on your publication of our company is not correct. The value of the contract as alleged by the author is wrong. I believe this write up was done by malice. It’s important to get your facts right before doing such a post.

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