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The falling of famous Briscoe Toyota Company is imminent if feelers reaching Secrets Reporters, concerning the running of the establishment by the Managing Director, Mr Bukola Oluseyi Onajide is anything to go by.

According to very competent sources, who has been reaching out to us since we broke the news of the company’s poor financial state caused by the looting of the MD; Onajide is a rogue in collaboration with the General Manager (Finance), Mr Segun Ogunsola.

We reliably gathered that Onajide has turned the company to his private empire, giving out cars that ought to be sold freely to his Reverend Fathers at will. Just like a man obsessed by power, we are also informed that he employed his family members and put them in key positions to serve as his eyes and cover the alleged fraud he has committed, thereby practicing nepotism.

When gospel act crooner, Yinka Ayefele celebrated his acquiring of the latest Ford explorer, what many Nigerians do not know is that the multi million Naira car was given to him by the MD without any payment.

Onajide is also noted to be a frequent traveler to the United States on business trip, at the expense of the company. These travels according to sources are irrelevant, but just a way of getting fat travelling estacodes.

Salesmen in the company who has made good sales have also been denied their commission for the past five years and when they dare to ask; he quickly sacks them and divert the money to his personal accounts, revealed a source.

In the house where he stays at Akin Ademokoya and paid for by Briscoe as rent for him, we can authoritatively report that he owns the house and built with proceeds from the company. This fraud is currently brewing crisis among some top management staff, who cannot imagine the MD staying in his own house, yet collects rent from the company’s purse.

Fraud is not only what happens there; but sex business. Sources squealed that some of the MDs sleep with students who are deployed to do their Industrial Training(I.T) with them.

Stay tuned as we unearth more…

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  1. Tega Oghenedoro a.k.a Fejiro oliver, You have been advised earlier to get your facts right before posting such false tales, it is obvious that you are determined to promote your mushroom website by any means available, even if it means either by hook or crook.
    it is on record that you were arrested and paraded sometimes in september 2014 by the SSS after writing a defamatory and libelous article on the immediate past governor of Niger state,Alh Babangida Aliyu which you were also demanding the sum of N50,000,000 to kill the story.

    Your antecedents clearly portray you as a harbinger of falsehood, promoter of junk journalism, serial liar, cheap blackmailer and attention-seeker whose stock in trade is to frame up dirty stories about people with the sole aim of extorting money.

    I presently work with RT Briscoe and i can only speak for myself, i like RT briscoe, i like my job, i work hard , i believe in God, so i have no fear, however i dont believe in hypocrisy, gossips, back biting.
    IF you dont have any true and concrete news to write about, why not find another trade, and stop coming here to make a fool of yourself. My MD no longer stays in akin ademokoya, he moved out about 14 months ago, pls like i wrote earlier “stop coming here to look like a fool”.
    Tell your informants they are out dated.

    Pristine journalism practice places more than enough emphasis on openness and objectivity. The profession frowns at dishing out lies and falsehood for pecuniary reasons.

  2. You guys are just publishing garbage without facts. The promoter of this site have an ulterior motive i can reliably say that. It is on record that someone from secret reporter called the chairman of RT Briscoe Nigeria Plc demanding for 28 million to kill the story. This is not how to make money and gather cheap popularity. You better get all your fact correctly. RT Briscoe will never die, and it is our prayer that the company survives this turbulent period because staff working and getting income from the company.
    Like i said in my previous comment, there is no single salesman that meet his/her target based on agreed incentive workings that is not paid incentive due, kindly get your facts not fictions. You and your collaborators will be exposed soon.

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