Thursday , November 17 2022

Exclusive: Ten Persons Kidnapped in Gov. Okowa’s Village While He Looks Away To Empower Vigilante Instead of Police

Secret Reporters

As the 2023 presidential election approaches and political parties prepare to assume control, Deltans, particularly the residents of Boji-Boji Owa community, the governor of Delta State, Ifanyi Okowa’s rural home, have recently experienced neither peace nor sleep due to the ongoing kidnapping that has resulted in the abduction of over 10 people over the past two weeks.

According to a source in the Owa oyibu police division, two people were abducted on Wednesday in the community that has become a haven for kidnappers.

SecretReporters authoritatively gathered that more than 10 people were kidnapped two weeks ago, but the Peoples Democratic Presidential election running mate, Okowa, continued to turn a blind eye to the worsening problem.

Sad enough, there are no movement means for the local police station. Not even a Hilux van. Additionally, nothing has been done to empower the police, who already appeared to be fed up with the situation, despite several complaints being made to the government.

Meanwhile, the governor is said to have purchased brand-new Toyota Hilux and Sienna buses for his community vigilante to the detriment of equipping the police.

The Owa Oyibu police division, which the state commissioner of police and the deputy commissioner visited on Wednesday, now operates in fear since the police station lacks a fence and a sturdy structure, leaving the officers and the locals vulnerable to kidnapping attacks.

Three shoddy offices and two little cells make up the police station where the police tasked with defending the lives and property of the Owa village are housed.

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