Tuesday , October 3 2023
Rt. Hon. Igbuya and Rt. Hon. Osanebi


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While some Deltans are still rejoicing in some quarters over the emergence of Mr. Monday Ovwigho Igbuya as the new Speaker of the State House of Assembly, what they don’t know is that the State legislature will be going down in history as being led by a man who was part of the immediate past corrupt government and cornered the resources meant for the development of his constituency, Sapele Local Government Area, into building private empires, which Secrets Reporters has uncovered with pictorial evidences.

With his emergence as the Speaker, the legislators according to various sources who we contacted will be a conduit pipe to siphon the state money into private pockets, alongside his disco dancing Deputy Speaker, Osanebi Ossai Friday.

Our high powered sources who confided in us revealed that it will take fifty years for Sapele to recover from the evil that Igbuya sowed in it, right from his days as a LG Chairman when he turned the area into his personal estate.

We can authoritatively report that he owns more properties in Sapele than anyone ever born there, with most of them acquired fraudulently through the usage of constituency allowances.

In a series which we shall run on him throughout his tenure as the Speaker, we present to you some of his acquired properties in the former seaport city.

His personal house which he lives will make a crowned king die of envy, with almost a full street taken over to build the eye popping mansion, whose gate is always locked to conceal what is built inside. But trust Secrets Reporters, we have the pictures of this magnificianet building. Sited in an exclusive area from the city, close to a police state lies the over N300 million palatial building, with a long tarred road leading to the entrance.

The new Speaker also has a property opposite the motor traffic division (MTD), towards Sapele Athletic Club, off Akintola compound, after Godwin Ebosa property. This was acquired when he got elected into the House of Assembly, alleged a source.

Truly a property lover, Igbuya using public funds built an upstair of four flats each (two up, two down) at the back of Egede transport company. The building is located at Otemewho road by Okpe road.

In Sapele there lies a three star hotel worth over N500 million called Movig. To build the hotel, he forcefully cornered some parts of the land belonging to Wesley Primary School to site it, boasting that no one can question him on such illegal and cruel act. The hotel houses the big boys in town and top politicians’ events. It was built from the proceeds of DESOPADEC when he was the Committee Chairman of the agency, alleged a source to Secrets Reporters.

During time, a contract awarded by DESOPADEC with money paid to build a road which will link Awolowo to New Road, never saw the light of the day, as the money was diverted. Not a single wheel barrow of sand ever visited the site, sources told this newspaper.

The new speaker also have in his kitty a petrol station by name Movig, located at Ajogodo which was built during his days as the LG boss. During this time, he also acquired a water bottling company which goes by the same name.

Just beside the filling station is his transport company called Omoefe Transport Company.

Crafty as usual to escape prying eyes of anti corruption agencies, the Speaker we gathered used his sister as a front to build a school worth over N70 million located at Agbohoroma.

*** Stay tuned as we unveil more of his properties acquired in the capital and other places.

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  1. What is the point building mansions when the whole land lies in poverty? Does he not know that his betterment and ability to enjoy these thing is inextricably tied to the relative comfort of the disadvantaged in that same sapele society? If he indeed stole the people’s money to get these things, the same people’s money will end up destroying him in the end together with his children. That is how these things work. We have seen it all before. I even wonder if this man is educated. If not for PDP rigging such characters would never emerge.

  2. Are you sure of this? So where have you people been all these while, allowing this to this level. Is the EFCC and other anticurruption agencies aware of this? Hope its not because this man have become the speaker? Let us be very sure.We look up to the other series.Don’t forget you just don’t run people without proper evidence.

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