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Hon. Benedicta and Her lover, Azuka


Secrets Reporters

She’s not just a champion in the art of looting but playing ‘away match’ is also her stock in trade, many sources who spoke to Secrets Reporters alleged. Such is the tale surrounding Mrs Ngozi Benedicta Oaskunih, who is the Chairman of Ukwuani Local Government Area of Delta State.

Benedicta who is currently running from pillar to post to save her job following expose on her corrupt practices by this newspaper is also a man’s delight anytime any day, we have uncovered.

We can report that the man in charge of her heart is one Mr Azuka Russell Enujeke who was her former special adviser during her inglorious sojourn at Delta State Oil Producing Area Community (DESOPADEC). Even after her removal from the board, still maintain a romantic affair with Azuka.

Azuka on black polo and blue jean trouser and a friend holding the birthday card of his lover when she celebrated it last year
Azuka on black polo and blue jean trouser and a friend holding the birthday card of his lover when she celebrated it last year

We have it on good authority that for reasons best known to her, her husband left her to reside in the UK, while she came to stay in Ukwuani. Impeccable sources confided in Secrets Reporters that she was also a bed warmer of former Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan who compensated her for her wonderful bed skills with the DESOPADEC post and subsequently made her a Chairlady.

When she wanted to vie for the council chairmanship, it became a political issue used against her as one who has no husband and thus should not be voted for. She hurriedly went to plead with her enstranged husband, Barr. Izuegbu to come back to her, on the promise of untold wealth once she wins the election. After victory, we gathered that she returned back to her infidelity ways which made the husband to go back to UK and warned her never to get close to him again. This can account for while she has her father’s picture hung in her four bedroom sitting room in Ukwuani instead of their wedding picture.

As expected, Azuka came back as the man who has the key to her heart. Even though they may act like boss and worker in Ukwuani, competent sources in the know say they frolick as lovers in Asaba. Since she won election Azuka has become a permanent ‘tenant’ staying in a suite in France View Hotel with all expenses paid for by Benedicta.
Azuka’s hold on her is so strong that tongues are wagging that he may be using charms on her. According to a source, even Benedicta’s father believes the daughter is under a spell, as whatever Azuka says to her is perfect, and must be acted on.

Nepotism runs in her blood

While she enjoys what makes Azuka a man, she is also in breach of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which states that no politician’s interest must conflict with national interest.

We gathered that her sister, Ngozi Osakunih Dafi has assumed the position of the First Lady in Ukwuani, while her lover (Azuka) brother, Mr Harrison Enujeke is the Supervisory Councillor for Agriculture while her cousin husband, Mr Abel Dullar Akporowhowo is the Supervisory Councillor for Health.

To counter opposition attacks, we also gathered that she has employed some boys to always be on Facebook to defend her for a paltry sum of Fifty Thousand Naira monthly, while her cousin, Azuka Okuoyibo earns One Hundred Thousand Naira for such job.

We can also report that there is already plan by her to set up people illegally up for arrest, especially those perceived as fighting her style of governance.

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  2. Why don’t you talk about men who commit adultery and loot all the time.

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