Comedian Aquila Aquila Seeks Justice for Tortured Cousin, Alleges Military Involvement

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Nigerian comedian Aquila Aquila has launched a fervent plea for justice on behalf of his little cousin, Chibike Ugwu, who reportedly endured brutal torture orchestrated by one Margret Osakwe at Ojuwoye Market in Mushin, Lagos.


Expressing his distress on Facebook, Aquila disclosed that Ugwu’s employer, Mrs Osakwe, falsely accused him of theft, leading to the involvement of unidentified soldiers who subjected him to severe beatings. Disturbing images and a video posted on Facebook captured the aftermath, showcasing visible marks on Ugwu’s battered body as he writhed in pain, while onlookers attempted to console him.

In the Facebook post, Aquila wrote, “Here is my cousin brother named Chibike Ugwu, who went to serve his master (learned trade) at a tender age in Isolo, Lagos state. He’s currently approaching the time to be settled according to the agreement his parent had with his master, Margret Osakwe. In her usual manner, she cooked up a lie against my cousin, claiming that he stole her money.” He continued, “She invited two faceless military men to deal with my cousin brother, which, to me, is a gross violation of human rights.

If my brother was guilty, she could have invited the police and allowed them to investigate the matter, but she took laws into her hands by inviting some military men with no name to torture my little cousin brother to near death.”

Aquila alleged that Mrs Osakwe employs such tactics each time those serving her approach their freedom, putting up false allegations to avoid settling them. “Currently, my little brother is in the hospital bleeding to death. I’d told her mother to report this case to the police station, which she already did. I’ll be leaving to Lagos so they can provide me those military men who tortured my little cousin brother almost to death. The master, Margret Osakwe, had to fly outside the country, but the husband, John Osakwe, is still in Lagos!”

In an update, the comedian stated that “About my little cousin brother, Dr. Francis Onuegbu, a human rights activist, is currently on the matter.” SecretsReporters attempted to reach John Osakwe for comments, but his phone line was switched off at the time of filing this report.

The system of serving a master for settlement refers to a cultural practice, especially prevalent among the Igbo people of Nigeria, where individuals, often young apprentices or those seeking to learn a trade, serve a master or mentor for a specified period. The purpose of this service is to acquire skills, knowledge, and experience in a particular trade or profession. The arrangement typically involves an agreement between the individual (often referred to as an apprentice) and the master, outlining the terms of the service period.

These terms may include the duration of service, the skills to be acquired, and the compensation or settlement that the apprentice would receive upon completing the agreed-upon period. Upon successfully completing the service period, the apprentice expects to receive some form of settlement, which could include financial compensation, tools of the trade, or assistance in establishing themselves independently. This practice is deeply rooted in Igbo cultural traditions and has been a longstanding way for individuals to gain expertise in various crafts and trades.

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