Boboroku Community Crisis: Exclusive Letter Reveals Inconsistencies and Manipulations in CDC Chairman Election

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In an exclusive letter obtained by SecretsReporters, the Special Adviser to Governor Sheriff Oborevwori on Peace Building & Conflict Resolution, Chief Edwin Chukwunwike Uzor, has shed light on the deep-rooted issues surrounding the controversial election of the Chairman of the Community Development Committee (CDC) in Boboroku Community, Delta State.

The letter, dated 11th December 2023, outlines the findings and position of the Special Adviser’s office after thorough investigations and engagement with all parties involved in the crisis. According to the letter, three contestants were initially in the CDC Chairman election: Mr. Augustine Inaya, Mr. Darlington Adegor, and Mr. Olu Ukuegboho. Notably, Mr. Olu Ukuegboho was disqualified, leaving only Inaya and Adegor in the race.

The investigative process, including video and electronic media evidence, pointed to Chief Godwin Ofishe, the Unugbrodo of the community, as a central figure in the crisis. The letter alleged that Chief Ofishe’s lack of transparency and alleged double dealings with the contestants fueled the turmoil associated with the CDC Chairman’s emergence.

The letter further revealed that an election was held on October 11, 2022, albeit in only one quarter, as directed by Chief Ofishe. Video evidence suggests that Mr. Augustine Inaya secured the majority of support and was declared the winner by the Chief Returning Officer, the late Chief Doghor Ejovi.

Chief Ofishe’s actions during the entire process came under scrutiny. Allegations surfaced that he collected money from one of the contestants and played a duplicitous role in encouraging both Inaya and Adegor, creating an environment of uncertainty and conflict.

Importantly, Chief Uzor emphasized that Chief Ofishe’s formal endorsement of Austin Inaya as the CDC Chairman, along with a signed letter sent to His Royal Majesty, empowered the monarch to forward Inaya’s name to SEPLAT. The Special Adviser argued that retracting the endorsement after 11 months would undermine the credibility of His Royal Majesty.

As a conclusion, the letter directed Mr. Robinson Inije, Chairman of the caretaker committee, to cease functioning immediately and hand over all CDC properties to Mr. Augustine Inaya for the sake of peace in the community.

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