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From a flourishing political party that rose to defeat a giant that nearly became arrogant to a cadaver that might soon be used as a case study for political science students or cited in history books in not too distant future.

APC; All Progress Congress, rose to the peak at a time when Nigerians were in search of something to cool off their heads after sixteen years of PDP, at a point the ruling elites of PDP bragged about ruling Nigeria for 60 years unknown to them it was 16 years they saw. They are learning the hard way.

The APC has copied that rascality, adding a pinch of stupidity and idiocy. There is a saying that; If your friend’s beard is engulfed by fire, water yours.

APC didn’t learn any lesson from the fall of PDP, worse features that led to the fall of PDP from power are shown on the current APC administration in Nigeria: From the wards, to the LGAs to the states and Federal Government are seas and tributaries of crises in the Party, in the Government and general insecurity of the populace.

If the APC crisis has remained within the Party, it would have been tolerable but to have expanded it into the whole fabric of the nation is what beats me. 

As if not to care, they have put the nation on autopilot while they fight, loot and ignore killings; from political crisis to economic crisis, tribal crisis to socio-religious crisis all threatening to tear the nation apart.

The APC in the states and at the center are only good now at expressing “deeply shocked” “condolences” or birthday wishes” “greets” or just maintain funeral silence at a times of national emergencies.

In adding salt to injury, you hardly find competent patriotic hands in any action of the APC led administration, from Baro Port commission lies to Masqurade dressing job, to appointing dead people, to knee jerking flip-flop of nominating Past Service Chiefs as Ambassadors, mismanagement of COVID-19 palliatives and under reported looting and pilferage, all are sad tales of woes, tears, sweats and blood

In that midst the only thing they felt important to come up with as “Palliative” is APC membership Revalidation/Registration, what a tragicomedy? with Governors who should be cracking their heads in their states to resolve insecurity, poverty, joblessness, poor infrastructure, COVID-19 pandemic, lining up in jets junketing around the country in the name of promoting a party that is now cadaver.

Why are they desperate and forcing people to get registered? In the past they hoarded their registration and even denied some of their own prospective members registration. Why the sudden call for registration? Will it end kidnapping and banditry? Rustling or poverty? Will APC membership registration or revalidation complete Minna- Bida Road? Will APC revalidation and registration make one dollar equal to one Naira?

The APC registration and revalidation is now being advertised on TV, Radio, Newspapers, New Media, posters and bill boards like a new product looking to make in roads into a densely populated similar products’ market. In some states civil Servants are coerced to register, of what good?

A good product needs no such desperate, aggressive Marketing, users who enjoy it will make referrals, but who will make referrals to burial grounds? Kidnappings? Poverty, economic downturn and mis-governance, inflation and incompetence with reckless abandonment? Nobody!

Once bitten, twice shy, I add; thrice death.

Just ask those who trekked from Lagos, Adamawa, Maiduguri to Abuja in 2015, ask of pump price of Petrol, Follow Birnin Gwari to Kaduna, ply Minna-Bida Road, buy a dollar before making referrals.

Yahaya Mohd Usman

Twitter: @boyemdee

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