Tuesday , November 22 2022


Secret Reporters

If you have ever doubted about the popular saying that power corrupts then pay a visit to University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Ituku-Ozalla Enugu and you will be shocked to your marrows to discover that it is, in reality, the birthplace of the phrase “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

This is as principal officers within the institution who seem to be acting like unguided sheep now engage daily in unnecessary show of power as SecretReporters gathered that some years ago the most senior med lab scientist at the university’s teaching hospital was allegedly locked out of her office by the head of the Department of Hematology Lab who is a doctor.

According to our source who pleaded anonymity, the issue started when the senior med lab scientists retired from service and handed over to the next officer below her, Mrs Ogunno who was next in seniority and of the rank of Assistant Director. Having vacated her old office and likewise handed over to the next officer below her, Mrs Ogunno proceeded to occupy the office space assigned to the most senior med lab scientist but like the biblical Pharaoh the HOD Dr Sunday Ocheni, a consultant in Haematology would not have such and thus ordered Mrs Ogunno out of the office of the retired senior lab scientist and warned her to stay clear.

SecretReporters learnt that to further buttress his action, the next morning the almighty pharaoh proceeded to lock the office with a new set of keys, locking in Mrs Ogunno’s personal effects as she resorted to working from the seminar room after several pleas to Dr Sunday Ocheni fell on deaf ears.

Furthermore, the power tussle we learnt between doctors and lab scientist in the Haematology department of the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Ituku-Ozalla Enugu has been on-going for ages as the department is rumoured to be a hotbed of Doctor-Lab Scientist Wahala.

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