Monday , March 20 2023


Fejiro Oliver

The management of Obong University in Akwa Ibom State which is notably the least developed private school with expensive school fees has begun extortation from her graduating students.

According to a source within the school, the management have mandated all the graduating students to cough out N50,000 each before they can be allowed for project defence. The money we gathered is for external examiners, which is against the academic rule governing Nigeria. A reliable source noted that the money is meant as a bribe to make the entire student pass their project irrespective of how well they perform.
Some of the students out of fear have already paid while majority are wondering while a private school that charge so much should ask them to pay any money before they defend their project. We also found out that a receipt is issued to this unethical practice, so as to give it legal backing.
This practice which has been on since the school inception has led to parents withdrawing their ward from the school, as soon as they hear of it. The school is notorious for charging money for the simplest thing, so as to enrich the pockets of the management.
Calls placed to the registrar to get the school position were not answered

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