2015: Why Jonathan And PDP Will Loss In Akwa Ibom State, By Inibehe Effiong

Inibehe Effiong

I know countless people from Akwa Ibom State that will never vote for Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in 2015. Most of them cannot declare their stance publicly for fear of being haunted, maligned and insulted by the ever abusive pro-Jonathan attack dogs.

Apart from the indubitable fact that there is practically no federal presence in terms of empowerment and projects in the state since Jonathan’s emergence, these set of detribalised Akwa Ibomites are totally disenchanted with the conspiratorial silence on and obvious acquiescence of Mr. Jonathan with Governor Godswill Akpabio’s dictatorial tendencies, especially as it concerns the forthcoming gubernatorial election in the state.

Those who arrogantly boast that Akwa Ibom State is a “PDP State” should get ready for a shocker come 2015. I am very aware that this crude arrogance stem from the very notorious PDP culture of rigging and violence during elections as witnessed during the 2011 elections in Akwa Ibom State.

The truth is that less than five percent (5%) of Akwa Ibom residents and indigenes are registered or card-carrying members of political parties. Our people are not really obsessed with any political party. They are primarily interested in the candidate(s) that represent their collective resolve for good governance, democratic dividends and better welfare.

The 2015 elections will be a watershed in the politics of Akwa Ibom State and Nigeria. Those whose strength and confidence lies in the power of looted money and guns will be taught bitter lessons of their lives through the tested and potent instrumentality of the ‘Peoples’ Will’. The days when politicians cite “Abuja’s directive” as an authority for political direction in Akwa Ibom State are gone, and gone for good.

The 2015 elections in Akwa Ibom will not be determined by political party affiliation. The PDP claim of exclusive ownership of votes from Akwa Ibom State is borne out of sheer ignorance. Indeed, a tsunami kind of revolt is awaiting the PDP in Nigeria’s richest but almost poorest state.

As I told a colleague recently, if all political parties are bad, then no single bad party have monopoly of ruling over us. If all the political parties are the same, then let us try another party. PDP has shown us her capacity since 1999, it is time we allow another party ( whether bad or not) to take charge. There is nothing spiritual about voting for the PDP; the very party that has looted, embarrassed and completely ruined this country for over a decade.

I do not know those advising President Jonathan, but I am certain that they are leading him to a shameful and clear defeat in the next election. It is utter naivety to think that the people of South South will unanimously cast their votes for Jonathan in 2015.

By giving state governors the leverage to manipulate the PDP structures in the states, the PDP is set to commit political suicide, especially in Akwa Ibom State. Our people are fade-up with the insults, arrogance and provocative insensitivity of President Jonathan and the PDP to the wishes of the people and they will show to the world that there is no gain or pride in slavery and imposition.

The last time I visited Edo State was during the burial of one of our comrades, Late Prof. Festus Iyayi, during my almost one week stay in Edo State, I could see clearly the disenchantment of the people of Edo with the Jonathan presidency. Rivers State PDP is deeply polarised with the very courageous governor Amaechi of the APC leading the anti-Jonathan campaign. With the crisis in Cross River, Bayelsa and even Delta State chapters of PDP, it will be a tough fight for Jonathan and the PDP in the South South come 2015.

So tell me, how possible will it be for Jonathan to garner in 2015 the kind of support and votes he had from the South South in 2011? Yes, ethnic and geo-political lining is a strong factor in our polity, but things have changed radically given the visible governance failings and unpardonable political miscalculations of President Jonathan who thinks that the support of governors ultimately means the support of the people.

No matter how one looks at it, President Jonathan and the PDP will not sweep the votes  of Akwa Ibom electorates effortlessly in 2015. As things stand today, Jonathan and the PDP should perish the thought of wining the 2015 gubernatorial and presidential elections in Akwa Ibom State.

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