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A labourer has a reward; this is not just a moral but also the standpoint of the many Christians as corroborated in the book of Matthew which depicts the story of a master who upon his return from a long journey immensely rewarded his hardworking servants and placed them in charge of his wealth. 

However, the reverse is the case with Hon. Jephthah Foingha; a former member representing Brass/Nembe Federal Constituency of Bayelsa State, allegedly proficient in using and dumping his domestic workers after serving him faithfully without pay according to sources.

The most recent of his escapades is seen in the case of Mr. Charlie Brown, his erstwhile driver, who squealed that having being offered a job as the official driver of Mr. Foingha in December 2011 through a letter with reference number NASS/HR7/JF/198/008 with agreements that he will be paid N150,000 as salary per month, upon his resumption at the palatial residence of Mr. Foingha, his pay was reviewed downward to N30,000 and later N35,000 after being asked to move into one of the boy’s quarters within the residence without the option of paying rent, buying food, electricity, water, and other utilities.

It was also gathered that due to his meritorious and professional service, Mr. Charlie was issued a Legislative aides ID card as well as issued an entry permit for ease of operation following a request letter signed by the Bayelsa State-born member of the green chamber on February 12, 2013.

Findings showed that on April 29, 2017, after the 2015 general election and the victory of his boss at the polls, Charlie who was always on the moved as a result of the numerous campaigns before the elections, was shocked to see Mr. Foingha approach his apartment at the boy’s quarter in the company of security operatives demanding that he vacate the premises as his appointment stands terminated.

Still trying to understand what transpired that resulted in the sudden termination of his appointment without prior notice; he was bundled by the security operatives in the company of Hon. Jephthah and thrown outside with his belongings flying everywhere.

Bewildered by what may have transpired to warrant the inhumane treatment at the hands of his boss who he had sacrificed so much in his service, Charlie began making frantic efforts to get in touch with Mr. Foingha through his Personal Assistants and other aides but this proved abortive as they neither agreed to speak to him nor take his calls probably acting on instructions from his erstwhile boss.

Mr. Charlie who is yet to receive a formal letter of termination of his appointment from the National Assembly also had his salary discontinued by Hon Foingha who like a colonial master has let down the whip on his ‘slave’ for no crime committed.

The case SecretReporters learned is still before the court.

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