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₦47 Billion In Damages

Trailing the now violent raids that morphed from the organised EndSARS demonstrations, reports estimate over ₦47.12 billion in damages. This excludes inestimable losses. But perhaps what’s most worrying are the implications to an already sinking economy and a 2021 Budget riddled with uncertainty. And with two consecutive negative GDPs in the first two quarters, expecting a third or fourth seem plausible owing to the ongoing instability. What does that say of 2021? [DATAPHYTE]

10 Stolen AK-47 Rifles

For some, #BlackTuesday was the tragic end to the youthful, peaceful demonstrations that spanned a fortnight in Africa’s most populous country. But for others, the protests just began, albeit anything but peaceful. Following the Lekki Massacre, Dataphyte’s aggregation of reports shows about 61 incidents in 18 days. This includes 27 burnt police stations, 10 stolen AK-47 rifles and coordinated attacks on four media houses. [DATAPHYTE]

$1 Billion Malaria Commitment

President Goodluck Jonathan put Nigeria’s annual budget commitment towards eliminating malaria at around $1 billion (₦480 billion). Despite this, the Nigerian health sector is riddled with financial challenges, chief of which is a funding deficit running into billions. Meanwhile, in 2015, the Government roadmapped an ambitious plan to eliminate the endemic malaria by 2020. But, with 2020 at its tail end, and the malaria goal far from sight, we question if the failures stemmed from inadequate funds or COVID-19 disruptions. [DATAPHYTE]

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