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Peter Anny-Nzekwue

Time is running out fast for the Delta State Governor Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan. On 29 May 2015, the curtain will be drawn on his uneventful reign as the number one citizen of the State. And it appears that his idea of “finishing strong” is to embark on clearance sales of whatever government property he can lay his hands on.

Xclusive Magazine has uncovered the on-going less than half-price sales of over 1,200 of brand new Toyota Corolla and Camry cars. Dr Uduaghan had purchased these cars with Delta State money to be used as perks for those who would support his candidacy for senate and that of his then preferred governorship candidate, Sir Anthony Obuh.

Those plans were flushed down the toilet when Uduaghan failed woefully to deliver Obuh, whom he had to abandon two days to the governorship primary to endorse the governorship candidacy of David Edevbie and to realise his ambition to run for senate, as his attempt to discourage sitting senator James Manager from running for Senate against him met a brickwall that he had to step down for Manager before the senatorial primary elections.

Xclusive Magazine reliably gathered that these cars, which were bought at government price of N4.2million as against Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of N3.5million, are now seen as surplus to requirement and being flung at a give-away price of N1million each to mainly Uduaghan’s Special Advisers, Assistants and those who supported Great Ogboru’s governorship agenda within Uduaghan’s government. Xclusive Magazine reported on 6 March 2015 that Uduaghan made a secret pact with the Delta State Labour Party governorship candidate Great Ovedje Ogboru to deliver him as the next Governor of the State, while pretending in the open that he was supporting Dr Ifeanyi Okowa.

Some “senior boys” in Uduaghan’s government have capitalised on the low price of these cars by buying many of them as treats for their girlfriends. One Mr Akpati alone, who, we gathered, is Uduaghan’s chief of Staff, bought as many as three the Toyota Camry cars that were shared to his girlfriend.

A source identified as simply “John” informed Xclusive Magazine that the closing down sales are being coordinated on behalf of Uduaghan by the State Commissioner for Transport Mr. Benson Igbakpa, whose house in Sapele now pass for an auto shopping, judging by fleeting of these “tear rubber” cars on display in his sprawling compound. It could be recalled that Mr. Igbakpa came under fire in October last year for burning over 200 commercial motorcycles, popularly called Okada-riders.

Regrettably, the proceeds from the sale of these cars will not go back into State coffers from where the money used for the purchase of the cars was taken in the first place. Rather the money is now being set aside to be used as a golden handshake with senior commissioners and very loyal aides at a later date before the termination date of Uduaghan’s government.

This is not the first time 60-year-old Uduaghan will be perfecting an audacious plan that involved the use of State funds as farewell gifts to loyal aides. Some time ago, Secret Reporters revealed that Uduaghan had concluded plans to draw N50 billion bond from the capital market of which “over N40 billion will be diverted to private pockets as farewell gifts for loyal aides.”

The exposé had sent serious panic in government circles to the extent that a very angry governor Uduaghan had to issue an order to the Commissioner for Information Hon. Chike Ogeah (Esq) to, as a matter of utmost urgency, quickly put up a rebuttal.

Mr Ogeah explained in a hurriedly prepared press statement that was sent out to select media houses thus: “The Delta State Government had the option of drawing the second tranche of N50 billion from the N100 billion bond programme. However, this option has not been exercised and there is no plan whatsoever to activate it as the administration winds down.”

An insider source has dismissed Ogeah’s rebuttal as a cock and bull story. He said: “The Commissioner for Information is being clever by half. If you read between the lines, you will notice that Mr Ogeah has not said the N50billion bond does not exist nor is the money not there for the taking; he has only said that there is no plan to draw it.”

The insider source insists that Uduaghan is still going ahead to draw the N50 billion bond from the capital market, as the plan is already at an advance stage before the information was leaked to the media, and it is now almost impossible to go back.

She explained that the new plan is to quietly draw the N50billion this April, and by June or July when SEC will officially list the Delta State N50 billion bond on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, Uduaghan would have been at least two months out of government, leaving Governor Ifeanyi Okowa to clear the mess.

Source: Xclusive Magazine

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  1. Dear Secrets Reporter,

    Your report report titled "Governor Uduaghan Sells Expensive Govt Cars for Chicken Change to his 'Boy Boys' in Anger" is not just malicious but a hate campaign against the Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan who has vowed to finish strong despite the dwindling economic fortunes bedeviling the State in particular and the country in general.

    Since the Governor declared his commitment to finishing strong, he has completed and commissioned well over 64 roads in Asaba alone including the commissioning of the N3.5 billion Asaba flyover. Apart from those 64 roads in Asaba, the governor had also completed and commissioned the Umeh road and bridges, the Abigborodo road and bridges, the Multi billion Section B of the Ughelli Asaba dual carriage which will be commissioned soonest, the Aradhe, Ushie Aboh road is also completed and commissioned as well as the Mbiri Umunede road.

    In Ughelli he recently completed and commissioned the Ughelli Township Dualized roads and street lights while at Ovwor Olomu and Oginibo, Ukpedi roads in Ughelli South were also completed.

    In Warri, the Governor recently completed and Commissioned the N4.1 billion Effurun flyover while he had also commissioned the Dualized Refinery road and street lights in February. Deco road dualisation is almost completed and a host of other star projects and we have not seen you report any of these positives rather you chose to report imaginary things concocted and targeted at denigrating the Governor despite his avowed commitment to finish strongly.

    Back to the topic in question it will interest you to know that;
    The Governor nor the State Government never bought such cars and therefore not selling any cars whether at give away prices or at official market price.

    I therefore challenge you to publish your proof of purchase of such cars and a proof of the alleged sales.

    As for the bond money you talked about, Delta State Government has a N100 billion Bond Issuance Programme out of which the State has successfully completed the first tranche of N50 billion in October 2011. The bond offer for subscription which opened up on September 30 2011 was fully subscribed. The Bond carries a Fixed Rate coupon of 14% and falls due in 2018. It is rated A+ by Agusto & Co and Global Rating Co Ltd.

    In conclusion, there is no iota of truth whatsoever in your malicious report that Delta State Government intends to borrow additional N50 billion from the bond market with the intention of diverting N40 billion into private pockets. You think it's that easy to access bond money talk less of diverting the proceeds?

    I admonish you to desist from such hate campaigns as it will do you no good.

  2. Lie peddling Secret Reporter,

    I have always advocated the pen profession should be for thorough breed professional not filthy untrained rascals but unfortunately few miscreants like you find their way especially through the online pact to blackmail people.

    While the Government might not want to join issues with a mad man in possession of a golden pen,
    It might interest you to know if you are worth your onions that government procurements are done in processes and stages of approvals and cannot be done in secrets.I challenege you to publish your proofs of purchase of the said cars, delivery and photographs.

    For the records the state Governor and or government never purchase such cars and nobody can sell or give out what he never had so the issue of Coordination by the Commissioner for Transport does not arise as maliciously alleged . This cheap blackmail is yet another figment of the publisher's immagination that existed in high fever raveged methanolcontaminated brain.

    The Governor is an accomplished performer living up to his promise of Finishing Strong and Landing well hence Deltans are celebrating the harvest of projects even as the terminal date of His administration approaches.

    The Governor has never faulted criticism but let it be constructive with facts but not cheap blackmail to discourage a working Governor.

    Liars won't only go to hell as there are also earthly provisions in our constitution to deal with them. There is enough time to turn a new leaf before the laws catch up with you

    You are warned.

  3. Secret Reporter,it's quite obvious that you are trying to drag the name of a man who has done so much for the state into a mud but you will not succeed.This is just a cheap blackmail and I advise you to desist from this malicious gospel.Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan has transform the state beyond any imagination,why can't you showed the world how Uduaghan constructed two global accepted flyover at the same time,why can't you showed the world how Uduaghan build the Asaba international airport and also an international runway at the osubi airport,why can't you inform the world how the transport sector with over 50% subsidise rate has affected Deltans positively!why can't you inform the world how the consistent bursary/ Scholarship under this administration has improve on the academic excellence of her indigenes.?Secret reporter stop this blackmail because it's just a cheap one.

  4. Lie lie Secret Reporters.Stop this blackmail against a man that has done excellently well for his state,bUduaghan did not purchase any car to share,the state also has no plans to borrow 50 Billion.this is malicious and I advise you to stop this otherwise the wrath of God we catchup with you.This administration led by Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan deserve kudos due to their performance,Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan has developed the state in all sector and He deserve to be commended.

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