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In what looks like a mirage to Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi, former Minister of State for Education and a Governorship Aspirant for the 2023 Gubernatorial Elections under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) the People of Oginibo Community who are in support of the ancient name of OGINIBO to remain unchanged came out in their numbers under the heavy down pour to appoint a Caretaker Committee to pilot the affairs of the Community.

Gbagi, in his usual style of picking up new trouble after losing one, sponsored a full page advertorial in the Vanguard Newspaper of August 5, 2019 on page 37 purportedly changing the name of his ancestral community name of Oginibo to Oginibu with one Mr Eddy Kemuogho deposing on Oath to the effective change of the name as such. This  publication was the last straw that broke the Camel’s back. To reverse what was done,other indigenes of the Community(Concerned Sons and Daughters of Oginibo) led by Chief Andrew Desi, made a rejoinder Publication on page 32 of same Vanguard Newspaper of August 19, 2019 which was signed by over 30 Persons including Kenneth Gbagi’s elder brother, Chief Faith Gbagi(the eldest son of their father, Gbagi).

 Gbagi’s Latest Disgrace

Trouble started when the Concerned Sons and Daughters of Oginibo met and resolved that there is need to put in place a Caretaker Committee to run and supervise the affairs of the Community before the Community’s Annual Conference between December 25 and 26, 2019 when a proper election into office of substantive Executives of the Community shall hold. The meeting which was an EMERGENCY CONFERENCE is provided for in a section of the Community Constitution took place under a very peaceful atmosphere with the presence of the men of the Nigerian Police Force from the Jeremi and Agbarho Divisions as detailed by the Area Command, Ughelli. This was made possible on the request of the Elders of the Oginibo Community knowing the usual antics of Gbagi and cohorts.

The meeting which started at about 1:15pm had its first agenda as the nomination and appointment of a Caretaker Committee. This

Unknowingly to Gbagi, the selection and adoption of the Caretaker Committee was the first on the Agenda of the Emergency Conference while he was calculating it to be the last to be done, as usual.  At the verge of inauguration of the Committee led by one Pastor Richard Jukolemu as Acting President General, Gbagi allegedly appeared with hired hoodlums to disrupt the inauguration process. The thugs vented their anger on the canopies erected for the meeting byvdestroying them while also pushing in towards where the Oginibo leaders were seated.

One Mr Joseph Mukoro(aka One Mama) who is Gbagi’s own Oginibu Youth Leader with one Mr Christian Ushovwitode led the boys into the venue, blandishing different dangerous weapons including cutlasses and locally made guns. The thugs were brought from Edjophe and environs by one Mr Ibru Djebah being the leader of the group.

The Oginibo Community Youths attacked back with the aid of the Police officers around which forced the hoodlums to retreat. According to an eye witness “Oginibo Youths meant business and so with bare hands under the rain, pursued Gbagi  hired thugs, seized the 18-Seater Bus which conveyed the boys to the venue. In fact, this Gbagi man of a person knows no shame as he returned after about 30 minutes to the scene begging that the bus be released to him but the DPO refused and drove the bus down to the Jeremi Police Station as an exhibit admissible in Court. One of the boys, suspected to be the driver of the bus was also arrested alongside the bus”

The eye witness continued by saying, “Gbagi has been boasting recently that Gov Okowa has anointed him to succeed him come 2023, but let’s see how this kind of a man, a former Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; known for carrying guns around and now hiring Cultists to destroy his own people and home becomes the Candidate of a Party which is ready to continue in power beyond 2023. Time shall tell”.

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