After a careful anatomy of the smell of ambition, colour of rage and price of vengeance raining in our political space; the submission of Frank Albert, an American fiction writer, who said, “ Ambitions tend to remain undisturbed by realities” became food for thought.

The ingenious cross-pollination of ideas, re-engineering of the mechanics of leadership and digital studentship of the Nigerian mood triggered the ongoing endorsement crusade and wave of defections threatening calculations ahead of 2019 general elections.

Like all man-made deities, the extraordinary image paraded by the ruling party in 2015 has faded out and its once intimidating massive goodwill is fast diminishing; no thanks to the general thumbs-down for the Buhari administration.

With the message of repentance, mass- appealing slogan of “Change the Change” of the PDP and the unobtrusive yet, far-reaching way it has gone about doing the recent electioneering business; the former ruling party has obviously assumed the new bride for many political heavyweights. The flurry of attention, coterie of titans, ex-political wives and associates ennobling and switching camps to the PDP in a carnival-like atmosphere; some schools of thought believe the President should be signing his handover notes while the former ruling party should be compiling the list of its cabinet members.

But these great Nigerians with such thoughts may not be totally correct, putting the shoe on the other foot and borrowing a leaf from the just concluded Ekiti gubernatorial election where news of partnership between INEC, Security Agencies and Federal Government went to town.

If the opposition parties did not do something urgent to call the attention of the international community to this unholy alliance; then their vision of taking on leadership position at the federal level will just be a pipe dream and they will be branded as “paper tigers”. This clarion call is necessary to frustrate the agenda of the vote-buying entrepreneurs, biased INEC and compromised security agencies that have transcended its vanity and the patchiness of fame to descend and wallow in infamy.

It is an open secret that it would be easier to retrieve an object from the “Bermuda Triangle” than for the President to win some geopolitical zones like South-South, South-East and North-Central based on the current political database. Conscious of this shouting fact, the ruling party threw caution to the dogs by changing their broom to hammer. The cabal managing the President would rather dine with the devil than receive the 2019 baptism of fire that is imminent. This desperate calculation motored the attempted coup that lorried out at the National Assembly on Tuesday. The failed script has showcased the two chambers head honchos as warriors forged of steel with decades of exposure in a burning furnace.

Gravity is a law that does not fail, if you must defeat gravity, you must have superior law known as the law of aerodynamics. It is time to dismantle the towers of oppression and blow the trumpet of freedom.

As Nigerians watch the unfolding drama, the political actors should know that politics as played in Nigeria will either leave one with burnt fingers or a flourishing success. Nobody keeps appointment with fate therefore, anyone or group who wrestles with God must surely be disgraced.

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