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In the 21st century Nigeria where there is scarcity of jobs, let alone good-paying ones, most people would do almost anything to work in the bank, an industry which, along with oil companies, pays better than many other employment sectors.

Therefore it is no surprise that we find a high number of female workers in Nigerian financial institutions. These females are very articulate, highly educated and intelligent, most times capable of attaining, or exceeding, the same heights as their male counterparts. But over the years, the males especially those in managerial positions have continued to device ways and means of bullying, intimidating and subjugating hardworking females in the industry into mere objects to satisfy their sexual desires. In no place in this country is this shameful attitude far more visible and prevalent than Diamond Bank Plc. among others.

Sources within the bank revealed to SecretReporters that in most of their branches across the country male bankers especially those holding strategic positions adopt tactics that make it practically impossible for junior workers or female staff to excel in the banking industry without having to be subjected to one form of sexual harassment or the other.

A source who was once a relationship manager with Diamond bank speaking on the condition of anonymity disclosed to our reporter how one of the top management staff who prides himself as a relation to the bank Managing Director Uzoma Dozie constantly molested and intimidate female and junior staff  after he resumed office as the regional manager in Aba, the business hub of Abia State.

According to her, Mr Charles Oguibe with no atom of respect for human dignity and with reckless impunity in meetings was always in the habit of shouting down on staff especially the females and most times openly told them that he will sack them and that he has the powers to do so. He would always remind everyone in the office that he had never made a promise and not keep it. All this recklessness she attested was attributed to the fact that he was of the same kindred with the founder and the M.D of the bank Uzoma Dozie, the source alleged.

SecretReporters also learnt that Mr Charles Oguibe was allegedly also known for coercing female colleagues into sexual relationships with his unquenchable hunger for sex extended to both married and unmarried workers, obviously because they were afraid of being sacked by the MD’s brother. He was also so flagrant with his behaviour that he could drink alcohol (Whisky – Red Label) in the office, and most times offer his female lovers and some male junior colleagues alcohol openly during office hours with the bank’s customers watching.

“This same fellow was always known as a bully in the office and when drunk will threaten staffs with a sack if they don’t give in to his requests. Eventually, he was able to exit about 6 of his staff during the 27th May 2016 restructuring. These were people that purportedly didn’t give in to his sexual requests or he presumed were not loyal to him. To add to this whole villainous drama he was promoted after the downsizing process, despite the management`s full awareness of his usual unethical behaviour in the office”, the source disclosed.

One would ordinarily think these workers can run to the Diamond bank management led by Uzoma Dozie for justice, particularly the females who face this bullying and molestation more than their male counterparts by Charles Oguibe. But this is far from the case as even some control officers who were trying to investigate him on some reports bothering on unhealthy work practices were quickly hushed and transferred to another region by the bank.

Calls placed to the media department of the bank were not answered as at the time of going to press.


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