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If there is any network in Nigeria whose Chief Executive Officer deserves to face the hangman, then Airtel Nigeria will be strolling down the gallows.

This network has not only become notorious for robbing Nigerians but also a nightmare to all who use it. Their fraudulent lifestyle investigations have revealed led to their losing over 750,000 customers who before now use their data bundle for internet services.

One of those who daily curse the criminal network is Mr Charles Ojeniwah who purchased N1,000 units of the Airtel Recharge Card with: SERIAL NO: 11678803645454378498,
PIN: 1248769423801858 and Card No: 4329 on Tuesday December 23rd, 2014 at 5:23pm in Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos from a retailer who buys from Airtel’s Shop in Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos with the card in question unscratched.

While the customer (Ojeniweh) tries recharging the airtime which he scratched personally, a message informing him that the voucher has been used by another subscriber appears.
This prompted him (Ojeniweh) to call the customer care who confirmed that the recharge card has been used by another subscriber on Saturday December 20th, 2014.

The customer queried for the mobile number that used the card but was declined response stating that its’ not possible for them to disclose that.
Getting to the retailer, she lamented several other cases like that she has experienced and that she has complained but yielded to response.

We reproduce to you a similar fraud below:

 It is no longer news how highly “data-sucking” android devices are, but the news is the surprising level at which Airtel Nigeria subscribers groan about how data magically disappears in no time on their android devices.

It is amazing how the monthly #1500 subscription meant for 2.2gig data which lasts data users up to three weeks before, now barely serves for 7days on Airtel network.

Yes, watching videos online, streaming music, using Facebook, Twitter and Instargram consume data but hey, is it not the same online activities subscribers engaged in when the data lasted 21days and more that they are still engaged in?

According to @sebebe28, a twitter addict, he said tweeting was fun on his Airtel’s subscribed-android device until some weeks back when Airtel gave him 1.532gig instead of the 2.2gig for the same price of N1500 without any prior notice. He further complained of how the 1.532gig doesn’t take too long to get exhausted, making him subscribe almost every week!

Kofoworola, a close friend, in her words said “sometimes I am tempted to feel there is another me that uses the data on my Airtel’s subscribed-android phone in my absence…because it only lasts me 9days compared to the 28days I get before now.”

In as much as I will not like to compare Research In Motion’s Blackberry Internet Service to Google’s Android Internet Service; It is of utmost importance to note that most of these android users were once Blackberry users who like Oliver twist “wanted more” from what technology has to offer. Now I think it is logically ridiculous, totally absurd and wastefully extravagant for an average person who is used to a Blackberry subscription of N1500 now switching to a rather ridiculous N4500 data plan monthly!

So much said, I am of the opinion that all android users should jointly write a petition to Google, Nigeria Communications Commission, Airtel and other Nigeria network providers to look into having special low rates and convenient data plans for android devices. 

Source: Icon Weekly Magazine

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