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When we began the cause of throwing our weight behind Senator Ifeanyi Arthur Ekwueme Okowa, we did it because we believe in his vision for a more prosperous Delta. In the heat of the politics, we soldiered on even when no one gave us a chance to succeed. Despite the goodwill of our principal, the media still went against him, painting him bad, but again, we were undaunted. In the critical moment that it threw on us, we successfully wooed the major anti Journalists to our side after showing them who Okowa really is, and they joined the train.

Everything we did was purely out of the conviction that with him Deltans will be more prosperous. Could Deltans Diaspora have done this alone? Certainly No. First of all, we appreciate the King who sits on the throne of heaven and makes the earth his footstool, for giving us smiles that our face cannot contain. To him we owe our everlasting thanks.

Every team has a captain and the DG of the Okowa group, Rt. Hon. Festus Ovie Agas will ever enter the Delta book of records for leading an army that brought home the trophy. The Okowa members of staff deserve a place in the throne of prosperity for being the foot soldiers that soldiered on. To our mentor and leader, Kingsley Emu, you sacrificed your esteemed position to see the prosperity project come to fruition. In you we see the future we desire to build. Thumbs up for seeing to the victory we boast of today.

We owe it a great duty to salute the foresight of the founders of DD, Patriot Dantes Odogwu and his amiable wife, Sophia Happiness Odogwu who through thick and thin made DD the force it was that it became Okowa’s leading media team.

The National Coordinator, Smart Ikem is no doubt a mobilizer who saw beyond the fourth wall and managed the little internal crisis we encountered; turned it around for the success of today. The DD Director of Operations, Tony Johnson, has sowed a seed that has finally germinated and it’s time for him to pop the wine, just as the Women Leader in Diaspora and Spain Team leader, Vivian Daco proved her mettle to mobilize when it matters most. All the way from Spain alongside Sophia Odogwu from London, they led the DD team to a successful declaration.

There is no good team without motivation, which DD keyed into and again, the Women Coordinator in USA, Nneka Oseji, Mr Jovia Ogbuenyi of Spain,Cyril Nweke,jonathan Acha and many others  were ever ready to sponsor the monthly Okowa quiz. Your generosity paid off. DD Germany Coordinator, Lewis Chuks in the face of trials dares to believe in the prosperity projects and like thousands of DD faithful, he stood to the end. Jonathan Onwuka, Okowa’s media aide; your mighty pen of valor has spoken victory.

We cannot forget the great roles played by Hillary Obi and Raymond Mgbakor,the SA and PA to Senator Okowa who were our eyes and ears when we needed them to be. Truth be told, they remain the most loyal partners any aspirant can have and as always, they have proven their mettle that for our principal, they will cross the thunderstorm. To the formidable fighter who is ever ready to die for Okowa cause, Alex Okunbor who used the Daily News Analysis and Facebook posts to project Okowa, the battle was not in vain. Thank you for being there. 

To the Chairman of all Chairmen who is the Ika North East boss, Chief Godwin  Ogadi, your astounding leadership and driving force took us this far in this race. What a woman, Chief (Mrs) Mary Agbogwe, your overwhelming support into seeing the Okowa emerge as this next governor cannot be washed away; as it stands evergreen in the hearts of all those who witnessed that day.  DD Ireland Coordinator, Mrs Robert Okere and Mrs Lilian Berlinski, DD Welfare Director; our collective battle has led us to success; thank you for being part of the team. To the enigmatic supporters from Canada, Chukwunwike Odibi (Coordinator), Elimuyah Maxwell, Odogwu Micheal, Ejieh Nnamdi, Ojebah Nnamdi, Enubuzor nicholas, Ogwu Onyeamaechi, Obi Michael, Nwaokolo Dozie, Okey Alozie

There goes the name, Micheal Diden aka Ejele who stood still like the Northern Star to dare his boss and supported the Okowa project. With his Delta Political Vanguard, you moved mountains that could not be moved and today the result of your work is clear.
To Austin Onianwa, Director of Admin, Okowa Constituency office, your insight into the success of our principal has paid off. The nights you stayed awake just to see that we succeed has come to fruition and today, celebration is the name of the moment. From Prof Sam Oyabaire, it became internationally acclaimed that Okowa remains the only aspirant that is not detribalized and. With his statement, the coast was clear for other tribes to vote him knowing that he will carry everyone along. Prof, your words has bore fruit; rejoice.

Hon. Ifeanyi Eboigbe, Hon. Lawrence Oshiegbu ,Hon Ifeanyi Nwachukwu[Ify bross},Gen Emeke Asiwe and all the members of  Otu Umunne,your doggedness paid off for our principal, by being steadfast to the end. Commander Jonathan Acha who stood like the rock has paid his dues in this struggle and this is the effect. Today we all laugh last. Oh Mrs Ivana Shenton, let the music play and let the dance begin, as the Eagle have landed in the house of Unity. To the esteemed delegates who refused to sell their conscience for the paltry sum of money and votes our principal, thank you for making the victory come true. To DD ex officio, Vincent Oshiagwu and Dele Akpatashi, thanks for making it to the journey of prosperity with us

The DD legal advisers, Agor Victor and Nwaeke Ogochukwu, glad to know that you are part of this success story. To all DD Coordinators from Abuja led by Emmanuel Nwonye, Lagos with under the leadership of Stanley Ofulue and the worldwide team, as well as Okowa online groups and our internet warriors like Ossai Ossai, Micheal, Obianke Richard Victor, Collins Ogbe, Susan Nduka, Miss Lily Okulugbo, Anita Williams, Isimah Kelvin, Mr Precious Ejanake, Jude Bruno Amamosa, Victor Iwekuba, Abule Governor, Okoh Williams, Emmanuel Mormah Chuks, David Oyadonga and many others too numerous to mention who contributed to this day of history, our paths will cross come May 29th 2015 where like two birds in the sky we will flap our wings and fly together with glory. Senator Okowa’s victory is for generations yet unborn.

Signed: Fejiro Oliver for and on behalf of Deltans Diaspora and the entire Social Media team.

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  1. FG should declare full scale state of emergency rule in the three North East states where the insurgents has been maiming and killing innocent citizens.

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