Sunday , March 26 2023


Emmanuel Onuaguluchi

The recent calls for Bukola Saraki to resign from the office of the senate president by Nigerians and civil society are really to beg the question on the appropriateness of his trial.

This man revealed to Nigerians that he slept at the car park on the Election Day for the office of the president of the senate and he went against his party to stand for election and won albeit with votes from the minority party.

Dr Saraki a medical doctor and a former governor is well versed in parliamentary affairs and governance and he understands the psyche of the Nigerian people who are largely noise makers with nothing to show for except if you are Nnamdi Kanu and Boko Haram.

He understands that we are gullible folks who are poor and have no coherent opposition to the continued impunity by the elected officials to disregard and disrespect the Nigerian Nation.

That Dr Saraki was born with a silver spoon is undeniable and that the spoon has since become gold is also undeniable so his do or die attitude to occupy a position that he slept at the car lot of the National Assembly to secure during an election wherein about 30 or so of his follow legislators were disenfranchised is indeed a decision that he won’t make and his party won’t push him out for fear that he may decamp to PDP.

Dr Saraki is a man of government and he understands that there is no need for anyone to force him out of his birthright “the senate presidency” even if it means losing and appealing his conviction to the Supreme Court and he has a Garden of Eden of lawyers to choose from with enough Apple to satisfy all of them.

The senate president has good reasons not to resign, after all, a prime minister of a certain European Nation was charged with having sex with underage girl and he stayed in office until after the trial up to the appeal and that country is Italy.
Saraki does not have to resign because the money and property were duly earned and acquired because his tax filing and paid taxes will prove his innocence.

He will not resign because all the loss of the people from his family’s bank that failed were paid back to those people so he never profited from that failure.

PDP has no idea of governance and meaning of democracy is really amplified by their nonsense position that their party will seek the office of the presumed senate president.

Are they seeking that position because they are in majority or perhaps because their stewardship of this country for 16 years brought process and improved the lives of ordinary Nigerians?

These blood sucking money laundering economy raping no good Nigerians that should be banished seem fit to remind Nigerians of a wasted opportunity to spend our money wisely for our people.

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