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The IzanzanCamp has again gathered that Senator Akpabio, Minister of Niger Delta Affairs is about to deceive President Buhari to commission an empty NDDC complex tommorow Thursday.

Having gone round the complex, It is a clear fact that, the inside of the building is empty yet Akpabio has spent a whopping sum of 16 billion for a project that was already 67% completed yet, in the 12 Storey building complex only 2 floors, 6th and 10th are habitable. He fought very hard to change 4 NDDC boards including a junior Minister Festus Kayamo to operate solo to loot the commission dry. Over 450 billion has passed through Akpabio as a supervisory minister, let him show us which other project he has done with the balance?

One is tempted to say, the Presidency is clearly behind Akpabio over the looting in the NDDC, considering the presidency’s continuous silence over the broad day robbery of the commonwealth of the Niger Delta people by Akpabio and his collaborators.

We were the first to expose the looting by Akpabio in NDDC and with the Exposure by National Assembly which is also collaborators in the looting, one right thing we thought was for the presidency to look deep into the affairs of the commission but they seem to be enjoying the looting spree by Akpabio as well. Severally we’ve appealed to Preisdent Buhari to heed to our calls but yet he gave us deaf ears which have prompted us to assume and declare that the current Presidency is a promoter of corruption in the Niger Delta region and the country at large.

We shall not depend on the presidency anymore because they have failed us woefully and we shall also not relent. Our next resolve is to go down to all oil-producing communities across the Niger Delta region to sensitize our people that will all rise to stop the daylight robbery coordinated by some key figures in the presidency with Akpabio.

We enjoin some good Nigerians that might be in attendance in the show of shame on Thursday not to only view the cosmetic work outside the complex but go inside from floor to floor to see things for themselves and not to fall for Akpabio’s sugar-coated speech. It is already rumoured that the finishing of the complex will gulp an additional 15 billion, prepared to settle some figures in the villa in Abuja.

We said from day one that the so call Akpabio’s forensic audit will be endless and baseless and so it has become today for all to see, the forensic appointed by Akpabio is today another conduit pipe applying for payments on a weekly basis without doing any work.

Akpabio’s stay as supervisory minister of NDDC needs more forensic audit than all that has run the affairs of the commission put together from inception. Akpabio’s looting is the oga kpata kpata of all that has never happened in any government agency in Nigeria.

Akpabio’s case is unpardonable, he has turned NDDC into a corruption agency, even after this Buhari’s government someday will give an account of all the river desilting and emergency contracts you have used to loot NDDC mercilessly. Akpabio does not want to learn from history, some Niger Delta big names before now had parked monies meant for the development of our region for political patronage to Abuja but non succeeded.

Arerebo Salaco Yerinmene SNR
001, IzanzanCamp

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