Monday , November 21 2022


Secret Reporters

Despite intense efforts made by the Maritime Academy in Nigeria to stand out against all odds, reports reaching our news desk confirm that a dubious personality is playing rivalry against such exertion.

A reliable source within the academy confided in our SecretReporters the alleged activities of Dr. Adeyanju John, a chief lecturer and management staff at Maritime Academy Oron, Akwa Ibom State. An unscrupulous element as many refers to him in the institution with the sole aim to maim the institutions image with his contemptuous acts due to his position and closeness to the rector of the institution. He was the head of Meteorology Department, now defunct, which is not unconnected to his lack of dexterity and alleged shady practices.

Devising this plan, Mr Adeyanju’s strategy as the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the rector is to rip off as much money as he possibly can by stealing the funds used for feeding cadets in the institution. The chronic fraudster by this dubious act unleashes untold hardship to cadets as they settle less for crumbs and leftovers. The Rector of the institution, Rtd. Commodore Emma Duja Effedua hands seems tied as his staff wrecks havoc on the school, as he’s still waiting confirmation of his position by the Ministry of Transport.

According to sources who spoke to SecretReporters, Adeyanju demands for blank receipts from food vendors whenever they submit their bills to the school management and subsequently collaborates with his cohorts to tender inflated bills so as to enrich himself.

As if that was not enough, he authorizes the number of cadets to cook for by the vendor, and quickly resorts to shouting down on them and in most cases opt to pay for just about 150 plates or less. The question the food vendors ask is “who pays for the remaining numbers of plates”?

Tension and frustration is the norm in the kitchen department as their rights are being truncated upon. The inalienable right of Freedom of Speech is being denied daily as they can’t air out their cry due to Dr. Adeyanjus ferocity and closeness to the rector. Apart from his alleged looting spree, he has a strong body odour that oozes out as he strolls the campus, stated a source.

“His embezzled fund has no effect to his hygienic maintenance; he has this egregious body odour that announces his presence even before he shows up” laments a kitchen staff.

Attempt to reach the school management for response to this story was unsuccessful, as their website that contains their contact us detail is currently undergoing maintenance.

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  1. ojekunle joel ademola

    This story is not true and a serious character assassination of the person of Dr Remi Adeyanju. The people behind this story have ulterior motive and have some scores they want to settle with people concerned. I advise secret reporters to take time to verify their story before publishing them. You need to know what has been going on in the School before. There is ethnic agenda, damaging the image of non indigenes is part of of the agenda

  2. The writer is definitely not a journalist. At least, a credible journalist! Sometimes, you can’t beat professionalism joo!!

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