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Facts are beginning to unveil on how the kicking out of Mr Nyesom Wike as Governor of Rivers State by the election tribunal was perfected by the Presidency.

According to highly placed sources, one of the strategies used was to move the tribunal from Rivers State to Abuja where they can be ‘remote controlled’ by the centre power and watched closely.

Prior to this, a source confided in this medium that Justice Pindigi who was the first tribunal judge was hurriedly kicked out, after he was alleged to have been compromised financially by Wike, which set the pace for the onslaught that removed Wike.

As soon as Pindigi was shown the way out, we gathered that a judge close to President Muhammadu Buhari was shopped for, to be the Chairman of the Rivers State Election Tribunal.

The dice fell on Justice Suleiman Ambursa, from Kaduna State to perform the complete job of nullifying the election completely instead of the partial nullification that some members of the judges agreed to, stated a source. Ambursa we gathered reliably is married to the President’s wife, Aisha Buhari younger sister.

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  1. Lebura Denuate ( JOHNBULL)

    It’s a big shame that we RIVERS people who have been in business of great standard should allow the northerners to mislead our political system. I’m not a politician but a concern citizen of our great state RIVERS.
    GOD Bless the suffering innocent people of our state and time.

  2. Is Obvious this is a political enemy, The president want River by all means and he has got what he want. Were is the top PDP members Buhari should not derail Our democratic system, How many opposition party did PDP annulled when they were in power. Buhari should be very careful becauseeyes are watching.

    • Are you for real..? Asking how many states did PDP scatter..? What didn’t PDP do in this country. Dont get us started please


  4. Abdullahi Usman

    Much as I would normally hate to be involved in anything political, for obvious reasons, I must say that this report is one of the most outrageously fabricated falsehoods I have seen in recent times, and my reasons are as follows :

    1. First of all, the name of the person being referred to in the ‘news report’ is Justice Mohammed Suleiman AMBURSA (last name capitalised by me for emphasis, for reasons you will see later in point no. 2) and not AMBROSA as wrongly spelt in several versions of this same misleading story;

    2. AMBURSA is a town in my native Kebbi State, where the state’s newly commissioned Sir Ahmadu Bello International Airport is located (one can easily check the location of the town on Google maps to verify);

    3. As many people may already be aware, it is common practice in the North for people to bear or include the name of their home town as part of their name; Justice Suleiman Ambursa is, therefore, a bonafide indigene of Kebbi State and NOT Kaduna State as erroneously indicated in the same report (I wonder why anyone would chose to ‘donate’ this important historical town in my state to Kaduna State by mere stroke of his/her pen or simple tap on his/her keyboard without our consent) ;

    4. Regarding his alleged supposed relationship as an in-law to the President (i.e. married to a sister to the President’s wife as alleged), again, nothing can be further from the truth. This is because none of Justice Ambursa’s two wives, both of whom hail from Kebbi State in the North West, is related in any way to the President’s wife, who happens to be an indigene of far away Adamawa State in the North East.

    I hope the above clarifications have thrown more light on the issues raised in above the ‘news report’.

    • How do you know all these without any proof? Anybody can answer any name from any “so called ” village of any state and how do you also know the judge’s two wifes without knowing their names? Come usman park well.

  5. U people in Rivers have not seen anything yet. The south claim to be educated and exposed but the exposure is their greatest undoing as it is working against their collective unity and progress. How can u allow northern bororos to scatter ur unity? Thus northern Islamic illiterates don’t mean well fur you all. Sure u have seen that now. Please sheath ur swords, come together pray to God almighty for the progress of yr region. Sad!!!

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