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In the midst of poverty and squalor currently starring Deltans in the face, caused by the economic recession in Nigeria, we can authoritatively report that money flows in the hands of few in Delta State, especially some smart Commissioners and private individuals who have access to the powers that be.

The State Governor, Mr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa who came with his mantra of Prosperity for all Deltans has been able to empower only few through the YAGEP and STEP empowerment scheme, while carrying out construction all over the state that lack of media publicity have made the people not to appreciate his work.

Even the few who have been empowered we gathered are not able to cope due to the harsh times. According to very reliable sources, some of the high connected aides are already building mansions in Asaba, when the governor is wailing that there is no fund. List of names of persons who have suddenly become ‘big boys’ in the Okowa led government were sent to this medium, which we shall unveil one after the other in days to come.

One of those who will be moving into his house which is fast under construction is the Commissioner for Urban Development, Mr Karo Ilolo.

Known to be arrogant and very poor before he was appointed a Commissioner after rejecting the offer of SSA, we gathered authoritatively that he has amassed wealth in less than seventeen months in office, by allegedly defrauding the state government through fish farming in Isoko that is yet to fully see the light of the day.

Ilolo is building his five bedroom duplex mansion in Nicholas Mutu Close, GRA, Asaba, a place reserved for the rich and influential. “He is just one of the few currently smiling to the bank and enjoying Okowa’s government”, one of those who worked for the government lamented.

Secret Reporters survey reveals that Okowa’s “monkey go work, monkey go chop” campaign has favored only a few with those who worked and staked their all currently abandoned.

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  1. Sunny akporhonor

    This is the worst distractive write up I av ever read ,,,,,thank God I know this commissioner in question very well.I,,LOLO POOR AND ARROGANT? haba .,,,SO MUCH LIES TO DISCREDIT AND MISREPRESENT HIS PERSON HERE,,,,,,ilolo worth some few millions bfo he became a commoissioner I know about dat,,he was given tat land free by govt ,,so wot is wrong aving an incompleted building without a roof on a free land,?but wot do u guys av to gain doing diz? #400,000,000? Wot is the total budget of his ministry ,,,na wa ohh ,this bad belle n jealous strong sha,,,pls do ur investigations very well bfo u post ,,,,,OBVIOUSLY THE WRITER IS ENVIOUS AND WICKED ,,,,I suspect blackmail here

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