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A Deltan, Charles Masah in conjunction with Burutu Local Government Youth for Good Governance (BLGYGG), an apex youth body all from Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State has called on the relevant anti-graft agencies most especially the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) to as matter of urgency investigate Hon. Daniel Yingi, legislator representing Burutu North at the Delta State House Of Assembly for diversion, corruption and corrupt tendencies and antecedents as a two timer in the State House.

Charles berated the ‘colossal waste of franchise as demonstrated by occasions of misrepresentation and the willful embezzlement and diversion of contracts meant for the Burutu people without nothing on ground to show for’.

In his words “Hon. Yingi has allegedly embezzled funds accruing to over N600-million in his over 7years as a member representing Burutu North, Delta State House of Assembly. Not only has he remained dormant in the house without a bill or active participation, he has siphoned public funds and diverted projects from the state’s interventionist agency(DESOPADEC), SDG and MDG, both constituency and influenced, meant for the Burutu people to two separate Local Government Areas (Warri South and Uvwie respectively).

Yingi who has only spoken for seven minutes and twenty seconds on the floor of the assembly since he was elected, was able to carry out such “undemocratic, irresponsible and despicable acts through stooges, families and personal companies namely Dan Ventures Ltd, Yins Ventures Ltd, Ogbein Ventures Ltd and Donowari Ventures Ltd with kickbacks and buy overs”, revealed Charles.

“More saddening is the fact that these projects at whooping sums running into millions of taxpayers’ money, are not only carried out for selfish pecuniary reasons where necessary, but also substandard, if ever executed”, Charles stated.

The deaf and dumb Yingi has amassed properties, which include, the road leading to his private home at DDPA Housing Estate, Ijaw Quarters axis at an undisclosed amount( this is so because the authorities refused to cooperate) and another leading to his personal hotel at Apala road, Okumagba Avenue at N130,000,000 ( One Hundred and Thirty Million) all in Warri Delta State, including two plots of land which he tactically acquired by hook and crook using governmental clutches, one of which houses his private residence and another bare land, all at Okpanam amongst several others at Asaba, including petrol stations in Warri and other parts of the state.

“We have it on good authority that the honorable member boastfully hopes to replicate same feat using his governmental clutches (as recorded with the Warri road aforementioned) on the untared road leading to his Okpanam Asaba residence”,

“It is an error and an aberration for Hon. Yingi to divert projects meant for our dear Local Government. As a progressive, a group and a crusader for good governance and social justice, we’ll not keep calm neither will we accept this daylight robbery and ‘korokoro’ rape of our development and collective goodwill therefore it’s our resolve to do everything within the ambit of the law to bring justice to book in the fight to reclaim our stolen commonwealth and wasted mandate. We have all evidences as captured in this press release in facts and pictorials to tender anywhere and at any time against Hon. Yingi and a few of his ilks. We’d like to further reiterate that no amount of threats, intimidation and blackmail can cause us to renege on this journey for the salvation of our dear constituency”, Charles quipped.

He urged the electorates and delegates mainly youths in Burutu Local Government not to close ranks nor play into the antics of this ineffective and corrupt legislator, who has chosen again, boastfully against all odd, to run for a third term come 2019. History has repeatedly taught that the ineffectiveness, corruption and incompetency of a representative usually leave a direct proportion of effect and victimization to not only the people but also the unborn generation. They’ll bring the bags along with them again come 2019 for in it lies their trust. Take it unto yourself but deny the buyer the commodity he so wished for which is your right; sell it not. Therefore we urge you all out there to use your votes wisely to cast out and replace all these old, analogue political Jonahs’ into the sea if we truly love and care for the salvation of our souls, destinies and God- given land”.

He threatened to go to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) if Yingi goes ahead to contest the 2019 elections.

Below are pictures of his properties

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