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Following series of expose on many fraudulent activities of Nigeria struggling Sterling Bank, the financial institution management has finally vented out their frustration.

Secret Reporters ran a report few days ago, authoritatively reporting the retirement of the bank’s richest female staff, Ms Juliet Mowarin, who singlehandedly in one swoop laundered N2 billion for Fmr. Gov. Emmanuel Uduaghan in less than twenty four hours in connivance with the bank.

In line with professional ethics before getting the story published, the bank replied hours after it was eventually published, denying the resignation. According to the Chief Audit Executive of the bank, Mr Abiodun Aderojun, “the Bank made an internal announcement (as usual) to communicate the retirement of Ms Julie Mowarin after attaining the mandatory retirement age”.

We had reported that Mowarin left the bank following so much heat on her by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) following series of petitions against her and the bank for laundering money for politicians.

In a poorly written reply to us, the bank management responded that it’s “strange/erroneous for anybody to conjure such a baseless and devilish reason for her exit from the Bank”

Apparently frustrated by so many scandals by this medium on them, they urged us to leave the corrupt financial sector like them, to carry on their fraudulent activities as well as money laundering activities and focus on “exposing the politicians that are making life unbearable for you and me”

Angered by President Muhammadu Buhari clamping down on their Managing Director, Yemi Adeola who shared in Alison Diezani Madueke election funds, the bank urged this news website to campaign against Buhari and “join effort with groups like “Our Mumu Don Do” led by Charles Oputa”.

Contrary to the bank’s response that Mowarin retired based on retirement age, we can report authoritatively that the bank lied between the lips, as information available to us revealed that there is no known retirement age in Nigeria banking system. Mowarin is still very young to work in the banking sector for the next ten years.

Moreover, information gathered by us states that Mowarin came in from Equitorial Trust Bank (ETB) to form Sterling Bank, alongside four others, and new contracts of employment were signed in 2012 thus nullifying every working years she had in ETB.

This makes her just five years in Sterling Bank and won’t even be thinking of retirement in ten years to come.


  1. Good reportage, the foundation of this bank is filled with scandals. It would even be a breakthrough for justice and fairness if your news media can probe into the fraudulent acquisition between ETB and Sterling bank and it attendant effect on legacy ETB staff. Many lost years of service immediately during merger and also another three years after merger. Legacy ETB staff were deprived of years of service and entitlement. Please probe this and let people know how many atrocities are perpetrated in stealing bank.

  2. U are fake and one sided reporting investigative journal. If truly u are exposing and are determined to report looting and stealing in high places please start with this APC government which has turned Nigeria into a nation of ridicule in less than three years they assumed office.


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