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Fejiro Oliver

If there is any crime committed during the last Presidential and National Assembly elections by the Igbos, especially Anambrians; it is denying a worthy son of the soil, Chris Ngige the ticket to return back to the Senate. They easily agree with every Tom, Dick and Harry that he is the most popular and best candidate among the trio of them that contested, but to them; his undoing was joining the All Progressive Congress (APC), a party they viewed as being a Muslim party. Yet it is the same party that has given them slots to contest for elective posts in Lagos. It is the same party that made an Igbo in the person of Joe Igbokwe the APC spokesman in Lagos. 

This is one sin that should be restituted and atoned for in the upcoming April 11th Governorship and House of Assembly elections by Anambra indigenes by voting APC candidates in to the House of Assembly. It is no longer news that the APC controls the centre while the ruling party in Anambra which is All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) is not an opposition party, but an illegitimate child of the PDP. If this is so, it is only proper that Anambra vote for either APC or PDP and in this political equation, it will be in the best interest of the State to vote APC all the way in the State. At least that will atone for the wrong done to Ngige.

One of such place the atonement should begin is Ogbaru Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria. It is my conviction that only the candidate of the APC for the House of Assembly, Hon. (Surv) Fred Onyedika Nwakonbi who In 2013/2014, he was called upon by Atani people to go and represent them at the local government level which he contested for councilor in Atani ward 1 under PDP platform and won APGA Candidate Mr Anthony Ezeolisa, free and fair which Hon Dubem Obaze congratulated even congratulated him at Urban School field in the presence of Atani people as the winner of the election in his ward and also as an opposition who defeated APGA government in power but surprisingly Hon Dubem (Nwannunu), the former Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs during Gov peter Obi regime went back to Awka and connived with Hon Chinwe Nwaebili, Speaker of the Anambra State House of Assembly and stole his golden mandate and gave it to APGA Candidate Mr Anthony Ezeolisa who lost woefully in his polling unit.
Ladies and Gentlemen of Ogbaru II Constituency; I present to you the candidate of the APC, a gentleman par excellence who towers above other candidates and can bring Federal presence to bear on his people. What better way can a man write about another than in his own words

My vision for the development of Ogbaru 11 Constituency in particular and Anambra state in general is firmly anchored on a passionate desire for service and welfarist representation to avoid “SIDON DEY LOOK” House of Assembly member. The era of dull moment and bench warming has gone. I intend to work with various governments to attract youth empowerment programs and training to Ogbaru people so that youths will be purposefully engaged. I will among other things, sponsor bills that will see to the stability and holistic growth of the state and her citizens. I will as may be required, carryout oversight functions, aimed at ensuring that the best result is at all times achieved for the state. I will take as priority the survival and stability of this present administration for the purpose of ensuring that the much needed democratic dividends are enjoyed by the state and its inhabitants in a continuous manner.

Having carefully studied the economic, social and political cosmology of my people and the peculiarities of our environment, I accede to the fact that the development advancement of Ogbaru 11 constituency are predicated on three (3) premise and it is on three, I will concentrate among other things, the weight of my representation and service to my beloved people of Ogbaru cum Anambra state.
1. Agriculture
2. Youth emancipation
3. Education

AGRICULTURE – Ogbaru 11 constituency is an agrarian community, and as one drives into Ogbaru one sees tall luxuriant grasses and alluvial farm land which presuppose that the people should be happy, but beyond the facet his incredulous story of farmers borrowing #50,000.00 and paying #100,000.00 to their creditor at the end of each farming season which I consider the height of slavery. I am in talk with bank of Agric to secure interest free loan facilities to the tune of #150 million to #250 million. With this amount I am targeting that 20 to 40 indigent farmers in the 15 communities in Ogbaru.

YOUTH EMANCIPATION – The youths remain the life wire of our community, the symbol of our continuity as a people. I will remove lots of our youths from the streets and get them engaged meaningfully, such that our value system will be brought back and the tendencies of our youths being susceptible to vices as a result of being idle will be checkmated, As I will roll out empowerment schemes and see to the establishment of skill acquisition centres. I will create employment window that will absorb good number of our youths and set them on the part to meeting their life expectancy.

EDUCATION – Education remains a priceless gift and a key foundation of the life of every child. As we all know, the best gift a father can give to a child is to educate him or her bringing in mind the current world we are living in today.

Am assuring the people of Ogbaru most especially the youths as they are the leaders of tomorrow that they must be enlightened and learned through my representation, I will try as much as I can to put smiles on the faces of Ogbaru youths in the aspect of Education. I have it as a matter of necessity that my people will be exposed positively and the nation in general will hear our voice. I will attract scholarship schemes and create an ambience that will encourage learning which will motivate and encourage every child of school age to be in school. I will also remove all encumbrances that may make schooling unattractive. I will single handedly see that Ogbaru indigent students gets Federal University and Polytechnic degrees by sponsoring their education.

Let your PVC produce him to make better laws.

These little things matter…

Fejiro Oliver, Managing Editor of Daily Voice NG, Editorial Board Chairman of Secrets Reporters News, Media Consultant and Co-Convener, Coalition of Human Rights Defenders (COHRD)can be reached on +2348022050733, +2348160067613 (SMS ONLY) or Engage him on twitter on @fejirooliver86

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