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In a move to counter the effect of Secrets Reporters expose of Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan dumping Sir Anthony Obuh and endorsing Charles Emetulu, the Delta State Commissioner for Energy, the perfect gentleman has come out to debunk such claim.
In a release obtained by Secrets Reporters, Emetulu noted that “I am always humbled by the efforts of many progressive Deltans and Nigerians who have continued to support me in my job as the Commissioner for Energy, Delta State of Nigeria. I am fully focused on this job, because that is what I have signed for and what the good people of Delta State expect from me.

I am an ambitious and committed Deltan and Nigerian and would not shirk any responsibility given to me by the Government of Delta State, the Federal Government of Nigeria and the good people of Delta State and Nigeria now or in the future, as far as God gives me the power and grace to continue contributing my quota to the development of Delta State and Nigeria”
Acknowledging the fact that he is aware that many people have floated organizations in his name, and calling on him to contest, he stated that “as much as I recognize that supporters and well wishers would love to campaign for me to be the next Executive Governor of Delta State, I wish to state strongly that I have not made any such declaration and have not given any person, group of persons or organization the authority to speak for me or declare interest on my behalf for the post or any other post. To that extent, I humbly appeal to all those behind the Facebook pages of any sort, be they individual pages, public pages, group pages or any other, including people opening new websites for this purpose or organizing any public movement that they please pull down these pages, close these websites and stop the public declarations of support immediately”
Further, he expressed appreciation to those who have used the social media for a, Facebook to project him. According to him, “I do so, because I know you are part of this only because you believe in me. I hope to continue to count on your support for myself and for the Delta State Government in the future. Indeed, I do have a Facebook page under the name of “Charles Emetulu”. It is open to anyone who thinks me worthy of his/her friendship. The honour will always be mine to accept any friend’s request, as far as they are from Deltans, Nigerians and persons who genuinely want the best for our State, country and humanity.
In a stylish way to indicate his declaration which will happen anytime soon, he stated that “Finally, I want to make clear that when and if the time is right, I will officially make a statement about my political future, which would always be tied to the good wishes and aspirations of all Deltans and Nigerians.
When and if that time comes, I, Charles Chukuemeke Emetulu will set up machineries that will involve every Deltan and Nigerian of goodwill in pursuit of such a common dream.
Yes, you can be sure that every forward- looking Deltan and Nigerian will have the opportunity to be part of such a campaign for a better life and towards better public service for our people”
Political sources who are in the know revealed to this medium that the denial was put up to save face and give ground to Obuh, who is expected to decamp for him in the wee hours to election.


Secrets Reporters

Following the heated crisis that has continued to bedevil the Edo State House of Assembly, a popular pressure group in the State, Talakawa’s Parliament has lent its voice on how to handle the mischievous lawmakers.

In a press statement obtained by Secrets Reporters, they stated that the lawmakers have not only desecrated the hallowed chambers but also His Royal Majesty, the Oba of Benin who told the lawmakers to maintain the status quo, yet they refused.
Talakawa’s Parliament expressed their displeasure over the attack on Hon Razor Momoh representing Estako West 1. The statement signed by Marxist Kola Edokpayi, its President called on the people to henceforth reject the honorable members.
In their demands, they stated that since the lawmakers have decided to misbehave, the citizens should reject them by voting them out in 2015. They also demanded that the National Assembly invoke section 11 (4) of the 1999 constitution by taking over the legislative duties of the Edo State House of Assembly. They also warned the political actors to stop arming the youths for agberosim and hooliganism.
Not done with their demands, they called on the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to immediately seal the Legislative Quarters since it is assumed that there are no lawmakers in the State.


Nnaji Obed

The Abia State chapter of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP) says the party does not lose sleep over the opposition All Progressive Congress ( APC).

PDP Publicity Secretary Abia State, Chief Uchechi Ogbuka , who stated this in a press release said APC “as far as Abia State is concerned is dead on arrival and non- existent”.

 He was reacting to a recent media comment credited to the National Vice Chairman (South East) of APC, Dr. Nyerere Anyim where he allegedly criticized the PDP- led government in the state over the state of infrastructure in Aba.

PDP said that the current administration in the state led by Governor Theodore Orji had surpassed all previous administrations in the state put together particularly in the areas of infrastructural development, quality health care delivery, security, education , youth empowerment, human capital development, and a host of other key sectors of the economy.

The party noted that never in the history of the state had the democratic space been so democratized as currently obtained which according to it not only accounted for the array of legacy projects across the state. It said it would not allow allow the opposition the freedom to make derogatory remarks on government and get away with it.

PDP challenged critics of Orji’s administration to be courageous enough to “juxtapose the achievements of the Governor with what his predecessors bequeathed to the state and see who Abia hero should be.”

According to PDP, opposition parties in the state only exist on the pages of newspaper and cannot boast of winning a polling unit in the up coming elections as Abians now know that their future lies with PDP.

 Ogbuka further noted that the likes of Nyerere can never win election in the state, describing him as a “political liability of unimaginable proportion”.

He said ” such men only look for comfort positions in less competitive groups with the tag of a political party where they will be lords just for their pockets”.

Ogbuka recalled that “the same Nyerere quickly decamped from the All Progressive Grand Alliance shortly after the 2011 elections when he was humiliated at the party’s primaries,” describing him as a floating political ballon without any conceivable threat to the fortunes of PDP.
 He restated the party’s earlier submission that the 2015 general election would be a mere walk-over by PDP because of Governor Orji’s unprecedented, monumental and undeniable achievements in less than four years.