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Possibly hit by a report currently going viral on how he , Great Ovedje Ogboru dealt a fatal blow on his former party, Democratic Peoples Party (DPP), by allegedly conniving with the same party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) which he hates but helped cruise to victory during the October 5th 2013 Delta Central Senatorial by-election victory, a staunch political loyalist or thug of the every four years career politician has issue out a threat to the reporter, Fejiro Oliver who did the story. Read the report that caused the threat

In a comment on the story which was approved, Ogboru’s ‘aide’ who goes by the name Spy stated sternly that “Fejiro, your fame is gradually driving you crazy to take on anybody you want. Be warned that ogboru is not uduaghan whom you arm twisted to dump obuh and fought a selfish war to make edevbie lose. Your address and kid are well known even where they stay in canada. Any more attempt to ridicule ogboru just for your principal Okowa to win will see you regretting.”

He further reminded the journalist that he should beware of such future expository story as he may not be alive to tell the tales, just like what happened when he was abducted by the government of Niger State, but freed hurriedly after pressure from the international community. “This is not Niger state where you can decide to bring the media involved as you will be ruthlessly dealt with. Your address is close to deeper and you won’t see the election that you are projecting Okowa to win if you don’t leave Ogboru. Lost urhobo man”

Responding to him in the comment, another commentator who bears wadoo wadoo replied that he doesn’t like Fejiro or his principal, Okowa but it is criminal to issue threats to him.

“There is no need to make subtle threat to his life, that is a crime. Instead write your comments to show that he is very wrong on Ogboru. I have no liking for Fejiro and Okowa his master. However, I do not think Chief Ogboru has led us well as the leading politician in Urhoboland. I closely followed the court cases he did against Uduaghan. He would have easily won it but very poor decision in choosing his legal team despite proper advise and his failure to rally the DPP after the Supreme Court elections and position us as a people for the 2015 election makes his leadership questionable”

Recently, there have been serious campaign of calumny against the favored winner of the March 28th governorship election, with the social media hirelings of Ogboru threatening to ‘expose’ Okowa for who he is, but have not succeeded in doing any and has thus taken the attack on his supporters who did reports during the PDP primary election, which the reporter has continually maintained that he stands by the stories.

With this recent development of threats, Ogboru comes into the book of infamy for being the first aspirant to publicly threaten a perceived opposition reporter.

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