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Gov.Udom"s SA on Local Media


Godwin Akpan

The special Assistant to the Akwa Ibom State Governor on local media, Mr.Uko umoh, who doubles as the publisher of Nigerian pulse, is arguably, one of the vibrant S.As the Governor had appointed. Haven been the chairman of the league of publishers in Akwa Ibom State, he has worked in the interest of the previous and present governments in protecting and promoting both administrations.

Although the position Uko Umoh holds today puts him in charge of the local media in the state from the government angle, he has continued to be the envy of other Journalists. He has discharged his duties without fear or favour, and has bridge the gap between the media and the present administration. Successfully, Uko Umoh nicknamed (Uko Biafra), has empowered the youths and given many a sense of belonging in the media and beyond.

The job opportunities created by his medium, “The Nigerian pulse,” is a clear testimony of facts. Many Journalists in the state started their Journalism career with him in the then Community Pulse, which metamorphosed into the present Nigerian Pulse.

If there is one man that deserves accolades in this administration, Uko Biafra stands to be counted. Though many are scheming to displace him in the Udom’s administration, Uko Biafra is not a push away. One can only underrate him at your peril. The government needs him more for more synergy between the media, the government and the people.

When men of goodwill are in a position, they bring their wealth of knowledge and experience to bear. So far, that is what Uko Biafra has brought to the table. Discharging his functions with commitment and zeal to do more, and represents a symbol of unity to the Udom’s government.

A detribalized Nigerian who has not allowed ethnicity to stand between him and his people, and has continued to give every person a sense of belonging. Uko Umoh remains a man to be reckoned with and his legacies continue to speak for him.


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