I thought a motivation like most people’s was more for vengeance to draw a retaliative jihadist blood; a search for a christian defender. I could not find the model in a RECKLESS MAN who is neither a real Christian nor a moralist. But it remains the great American irony to demand high morality from their presidents even when the American society that constantly produces them is deep in rot and rottenness.

But how does America seek to correct its societal wrongs with one of its “wrongest and baddest citizens” with a terrible and shameless history of moral and ethical crimes; a reckless man without the slightest sensitivity to anybody including the disabled; a handicapped journalist whom he publicly mocked!

America has enthroned RECKLESSNESS to replace president Obama’s respect for the rights of every segment of America that many Americans and non-Americans felt was destroying the moral and Christian foundations of America which this PROTEST VOTE WAS MORE ABOUT than for any sincere admiration for the reckless person of Donald Trump of trumped up charges.

America like Nigeria has voted and enthroned VENGEANCE IN POWER to be followed by GOVERNANCE BY VENGEANCE such as president Buhari runs in Nigeria. They have installed their own version of our own president Muhammadu Buhari against the best of good reasoning and judgement. They actually shut down reason deliberately like all segments of Nigeria did during our 2015 election to the extreme end, stretching further into a national conspiracy involving some of the best of our public intellectuals. A self- negating type of conspiracy we did not see in America.

It is a type of poor reasoning American best mind even fought against crossing party lines and outrightly engaging in open anti-party activities in order to SAVE AMERICA FIRST AND MAKE IT THEIR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY BEYOND POLITICS. But it sure appears that the finger of God is involved in the affairs of men, of American men and women that had him win as “the Trump of God” as the bible says in the new testament.

But against their best efforts and the conspiracy of the America media whose almighty powers collapsed with the fall of Mrs.Hillary Clinton, completely made powerless like never before; unmasked, stripped naked and disrobed. The power of the American citizens has been fully restored and made to resound that the media that completely made the other candidates inconsequential, will no longer count in the highest decision making process of determining who rules America; for good or for bad.

The dethronement of the all-powerful big interest traditional media is the finest take away on the collapse of ENTRENCHED INTERESTS IN BUSINESS AND POLITICS OF AMERICA. Ironically, it is one of the most notorious businessmen of America that is an outsider to participatory politics that God has deemed fit to use as his BATTLE AXE if that be the case.The morality of choice remaining quite perplexing and confounding.

President Barrack Obama and all the GATES OF HELL IN AMERICA AND EVEN EUROPE AND THE ARAB WORLD COMBINED COULD NOT STOP THE UNSTOPPABLE TRUMP. He is indeed the THE TRUMP OF GOD! These same forces that brought their forceful machinations to bring down by every conspiratorial means possible the second term government of Nigeria’s President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, have themselves been badly brought down beyond every political permutation in America.

A major missing point between Nigeria and America being that America had a candidate who was sufficiently daring and had the charm and audacity to explain very defiantly the evil machination of his political opponents and rivals. He constantly told them how partial the media was to him. He assured them that OUR CAMPAIGN RALLIES ARE BIGGER THAN THEIRS SO DO NOT BELIEVE THEIR MEDIA. And all of these caught on in their typical street- smart American arrogance and brazen delivery that resonated so well with those who want to take back their America that was never theirs in the first place.

The hijacked and wiped out aboriginal America Indians were before they became the melting pot for immigrants and greatness; beginning first as a deposit ground for crime and criminals to save old England through providing a new England that would absorb the flotsam and jetsam flushed out of England. BUT THE FOUNDING FATHERS OF AMERICA TURNED IT ALL AROUND BY MAKING MANURE OUT OF DECAY. America was made bigger than its parent, England that became Britain.

But this reckless Donald Trump presidency inspires more threat and chaos than any hope of positive change. It has decidedly come against all that made America uniquely America. It has promised to REPLACE OPEN DOORS WITH BRICK WALLS, it has insulted and assaulted races, regions and religions of the world in a manner that never won votes in the past. Politics has always been the most sensitive game or profession that often buried its players with its past and present insensitivities. But marvellous Donald Trump came to play it differently by turning politics on its head doing it the very way Obama did his phenomenally but negating it altogether. Trump may not win the Novel Prize for Peace as Obama did, if anything, he might even set the world on fire and in pieces.

Except governance is differently played from governance as a typical American love for stunts and cash spinning controversy, their centre may never hold again on all facet and on all count of the socio-political economy of America as is presently the case in Nigeria where PROMISE NEVER MET WITH PERFORMANCE.

Chike Ofili

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