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Fejiro Oliver

The Senatorial Campaign train of James Manager nearly witnessed a bloodbath on Wednesday as the people of Bomadi and Patani unanimously rejected his candidature.

Secrets Reporters who monitored his campaign gathered that Manager has long been rejected by the Ijaws and even sent a letter to the presidency through the Ijaw Youth Congress (IYC) on their rejection of the Senatorial hopeful.

The campaign train which touched down at Patani was blocked by the youths who vehemently insisted that Manager will never be allowed into the venue and vowed to die than see it happen. 

Various youths who spoke to Secrets Reporters stated that Manager has done nothing since he was elected into the Senate. Further information revealed that he is not also in good term with the Patani Local Government Chairman, who incidentally control the people at the grassroots level.

Right at Bomadi, checks by this paper can authoritatively revealed that his Jeep windscreen was broken by the angry youths, when they discovered that he was coming into the venue. It took the intervention of Barr. Kingsley Otuaro security details who is the running mate to Senator Okowa to whisk him away to safety as he was about being lynched.

Unlike other non Ijaw area where his posters and banners were lifted, there were no single poster/flex banners of him lifted or even seen in the rally ground. The Master of Ceremony who addressed the teeming crowd that on the need to deliver James Manager was shouted down with “Nooooooooo”, and a deafening silence followed.

Manager who would have been killed never showed up throughout the campaign, only to come into the venue with lots of thugs and security agents who forced him inside, when the other aspirants had already campaigned and left the venue. We present to you unedited a mail sent to Secrets Reporters.

“Sir, we are aware that you were at the campaign venue of the rally today, and will only report your oga own. But please, use your wide media connection and personality to tell the world that there was crisis in our place because of the corrupt James Manager. Imagine, since he went to the senate, we cannot point to one youth he has empowered but he use our money to carry small small girls. Please don’t shut your ears to our plea as we believe in your power to influence people. We don’t want Manager, tell Okowa”, they wrote.

Present at the campaign ground was the corrupt Frank Omare, Commissioner for Environment who diverted funds meant for demolition of illegal structures to acquire personal properties.

***Stay tuned for the corrupt practices of Senator James Manager as revealed by exclusive sources.

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