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Fejiro Oliver

In what may not be a shocker to Nigeria, but which they still doubt on the culpability of the Nigerian military brass and top political shots helping to fund Boko Haram in Nigeria; interviews with sources in Borno State and government can put a rest to the doubting minds, that the group is heavily sponsored by the duo above.

In a series of interview conducted by this newspaper, concerning the abducted Chibok girls, we gathered that the Boko Haram sect who has consistently attacked Borno State is truly well equipped and stronger than the Nigeria army. The source stated that the terrorists do not only have access to the town, but also have access to the armoury in the military.
“Let me tell you, even a child in Maiduguri knows that Boko Hara, are stronger than the army. These guys come in a minimum of 30 convoys, carrying armoured personal carriers (APC), trucks mounted with machine guns and whenever they want to strike, they send a signal to the military command who will in turn radio the military base in the location to clear way for them. When they begin attack, you can never find any military around and in that way there is no place you can cover up or to take refuge”, our source who lives in Chibok narrated.
The source revealed that all the vehicles used by Boko Haram are only the types found with the military, including the APC. “They all have the same colors with the Nigeria army and even some of them have defence headquarter plate numbers, with the same uniform. Sometimes you find them in this truck mounted machine gun vehicles manning check point and you wouldn’t know they are Boko Haram, since they have the same machineries with the soldiers. From afar if you are coming, you will think you are approaching a military checkpoint, meanwhile they are only surveying the area for their next attack”, the source further stated.
Giving a shocker, the well placed source stated how villagers have come to the town twice to complain to the governor on how they constantly see helicopters hovering around them and dropping weapons to some unknown individuals. “On so many occasions, such weapon dropping has been happening even as far back as September 2013. Two group of villagers have come to complain to the government on how those who are being dropped weapons for told them to abandon their farmlands, but the government refused to pay attention”, the source narrated authoritatively. 
Another source confided in us that the government is aware that these helicopters are foreign ones hovering around the villages to supply the sect weapons but they deliberately refused to believe it. The source noted that despite the manhunt for Boko Haram, they are still present in Borno, especially in angurra, matara and driving without hindrance. When asked on the security situation in Chibok, it was revealed that the area has been abandoned and not protected like they say on the media. As a matter of fact, the checkpoints have even been removed from the area.
“They don’t exist in the area, except the major roads in town, with military patrol. Chibok is 30 kilometers far from the highway and if you drive all the way from gushi down, there are no military checkpoints, while Damboa which is on the highway connecting Biu to Chibok which is 39km do not also have checkpoints, as you just drive on your own along the bushes. The closet town to Chibok is Askira and Balala which are 25km and 14km respectively”, stated the source.
On allegations that the former governor, Senator Ali Modu Sherrif (SAS) not visiting the State, the source stated that SAS visits the state and was even there two weeks ago for the APC convention, where he drove about the town with security personnels following him, where he addressed thugs and other citizens, making usual empty promises, but he told on a massacre of over 300 people in Gamboru Dalla which was under-reported in the media, even though SAS house was purposely burnt down, with other 200 houses and market burnt down. The source dismissed the appearance of any foreign military in Chibok, as the girls have been relocated to other region.
A probe into the political activities happening in the States like other parts of the country revealed that nothing of such is happening as the governor, Shettima has refused to declare his interest to re-contest, as he is more concerned with the state security situation, though the All Progressive Congress (APC) has conducted election into state offices. We also gathered that one Muhammed Imam, a former Local government Chairman in Maiduguri Municipal Council (MMC) and currently a House of Representatives member from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has also indicated interest in the governorship race.
We also gathered that the school where the girls were kidnapped has been razed down. “That school has been burnt down and if anyone must go there; it has to be renovated and no girl will even want to go there at the moment. The school no longer exist”, the source said.

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