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Senator Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, Delta State Governor-Elect will be fighting the toughest battle of his life as some of his core and pseudo supporters are already set for physical and diabolical blow if they are not appointed into his government.

In what is likely to show what the days ahead may be, a sponsored article and written by the sponsor himself, but penned two names which are alien to any language in Delta, there is already boast in Delta State of how Okowa was made a governor by the sponsor.

Thorough investigations revealed that the article was written by one Barr. Eugene Uzum, who has never practiced law since he left law school with poor ratings according to sources who attended same with him. Uzum this paper can reveal sent the article from a HP laptop, whose IP Address is from Asaba, and penned down on Thursday evening, revealed the source.

According to the self written article which our editors analysed to be too poor for any real media to have published, he claimed to be the brain behind the media team of the Okowa campaign. A post, Social Media cordinator which was not known to anyone in the campaign was written to have been handled by him. An angry source confirmed that he was only a ‘bloody’ ICT director during the Okowa’s campaign which was in the primaries and not even the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) campaign team. His job then was simply to send bulk text messages to numbers of Deltans already in the campaign bank, as well as other ICT issues and not even allowed to get near the media.

Alongside his partner in ego blowing, one Mr Cletus Uwakina, they exposed Senator Okowa as having link with former militant, Government Tompolo. The article though read by few Deltans and posted on the Deltans Diaspora page has caused outrage with Deltans calling for the said Uzum head.

We present to you few out of the numerous of comments in response to the post by Deltans.

Princess Dumbei wrote: This post na high level 419 0000000000. This victory must wholly be dedicated to the ordinary citizens of Delta that relied so much on the information of Senator Okowa;s pedigree supplied to them by Different platforms No one person should take glory for the victory as suggested on this post titled The brains behind Okowa’s success. I see the article as an avenue for the author to sell the lobbyists to senator Okowa. It is not going to be business as usual as the lower citizens of Delta must have a voice in this dispensation.You can not be a lord of social media when Deltans hardly see you online.Deltans without equivocation knows the lords of social media and the people that have the true passion for the job and besides they are other names mentioned ordinarily wouldnt have been mentioned at all as the names irritates Deltans. If i may ask,how did Solomon Funkekeme and Festus Okubor assist Kingsley Emu? This post has an agenda but only used the other names to compliment their mischief. I pray God to assist senator Okowa. Why dont you allow your pedigree speak for you? Why go this far to wear the clothes meant for others.Senator Okowa will surely reward you but certainly you dont fit in on social media. We need men and women that has the passion to do it whose fingers are on their laptops 24 hours a day not only on board to see how the internet warriors are fairing at midnight online.

Winifred Nworji wrote: Laughable. The greatest asset Okowa had was the people of Delta state who came out in max without greed or selfish interests to vote for him. Who talks about campaign without a group like our Mata group. Although I dont really like the person of Fejiro but media wise he was a force to be reckoned with. Abeg change topic there is something fishy here.

Okele Greg wrote: This post on social media is a fraud and the persons for which it was written lacks confidence.The author was selective and the post lacks credibility too as it does not reflect the minds of Deltans.The name Uwakina,Uzum,Edgware does not ring a bell on social media at all.politics in Nigeria is dirty. Let the best hands have the social media Directorate.It should not be politicised at all otherwise many things will get spoilt.Deltans,mark my words. Delta social media without Deltans Diaspora team is a fraud and a huge fraud.

Onyiye Olomu wrote: Many commentators like Edoja Mabel and Dumbei seem to have articulated my response to this drivel of a post but my annoyance is yet unabated .

Mr writer, why would you condescend this low to allowing individuals like Barrister Uzum use your head? Forget your high-sounding words devoid of substance :you only succeeded in exposing both your folly and bootlicking tendencies.

Anyway, my major pain which is obviously necessitating my response to this thrash is your mischievous recourse to allocating the place meant for Social Media beacons like Comrade Dantes, EmekeOdeo,Smart Ikem,Stanley Ojei,and many others that were our motivators and shining examples, to charlatans and impostors who obviously sponsored you to write this.

Haba,after all that Dantes had done towards the Okowability Mandate, you stylishly excluded his name from your ignoble Hall of Fame?

Who is even this Barrister Uzum your sponsor?

Hope he is not same Uzum that we have heard oftentimes that his high-handedness,alloofness,and self-ego has severally alienated many Deltans from Senator Okowa whenever they had reason to visit the Constituency Office of the Senator? If only the Senator knew of the damage this arrogant Barrister had done to his goodwill among his beloved Deltans,Barrister Uzum should ordinarily be hiding his face in shame rather than coming to claim lordship over the PDP Social Media where even us the late entrants never saw any of his posts,comments and so on no matter how trifle they might have been anyway .

I will not also fail to say this: if the paragraph preceding the last of this ‘yeye ‘ piece was meant to serve as a rejoinder to Fejiro’s piece where he denounced the likes of Barrister Uzum for seeking to portray the Governorship of Sen Okowa as one likely to be situated on the shaky fulcrum of ethnic parochialism and sectionalism, (and so Uzum has paid you to equally insult Fejiro),it will never fly with us.

No matter the frailties of the man Fejiro,you can never make many of us lose admiration for this man who fought with so much gusto,vigour and commitment towards the Okowability Dreams prior to the PDP Gubernatorial Primaries and during the campaign /electioneering period of Okowa ‘s candidature as the PDP Gubernatorial Flag bearer.

May I end this comment by asserting that in the post-election era of the Social Media in Delta State, particularly as it pertains to Sen Okowa’s Government, Such opportunists as Barrister Uzum and Uwakina have no place in our hearts as its leaders.

Therefore,any attempt to give them the place due the likes of Comrade Dantes, will mean that the Social Media Team of Sen Okowa will be handed over to figure heads that will not command the loyalty of the Social Media Foot Soldiers.

I rest my case at this!

Lilly Udeze Okolugbo wrote: Wow really,ar u looking for political appointment or what,do u know Dr. Okowa has his media eyes watching and viewing for him,all these names mentioned here were where they,when i was having sleepless nites and receiving insults from different peoples here,where were they when our principal’s name was been rubished in different groups here,were are their posts and comments in any group here on Facebook,where did he keep Alex Okunbor, Fejiro Oliver,Deltans Diaspora,u make me laugh.


Okunbor Ehi Alex wrote: Austin Sinebe I have seen most of your comments on the thread you have forgotten that there were people online for 16 hours per day for 3 years . How do you give credit to those who had carried out smear campaign against Okowa during the primaries . I can post some of the article written by one of them . Where do you place the person of fejiro . Alex okunbor and Deltans Diaspora and the rest of us who received threatening notice and humiliation for a cause we believed in.

Secrets Reporters is yet to confirm from Okowa if truly his ICT boy delivered him, as he was sent to be out of the country as at press time. It is not yet clear how Okowa will handle this issue that will threaten his administration, as confidential sources have confided in this news medium to rock the boat if the sponsors of the article are allowed anywhere near the media team.

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  1. Fejiro, I commend you on this new webpage. I thought you had abandoned us for political pasture. Well, it appears that this may be a sign of things to come where Okowa would be beholden to everybody even the messenger in the office because he sold himself out to get the position. We’ll see how it goes. Next stop is 29th May and then the election tribunal.

  2. I commend you on this new webpage. I thought you had abandoned us for political pasture. Well, it appears that this may be a sign of things to come where Okowa would be beholden to everybody even the messenger in the office because he sold himself out to get the position. We’ll see how it goes. Next stop is 29th May and then the election tribunal.

  3. Okowa still appeased him by creating a ministry out of information ministry. So okowa ashamed and indeed confirm Mr Ozums story.

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