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It’s no longer news how Nigerian politicians lavish public funds in carrying out their self-gratification missions and then engage in fictitious youth empowerment programs just to fool and make mockery of the innocent masses.

Constitutionally, one of the primary responsibilities of politicians when elected into office is to carryout community projects, and provide social amenities that will enhance the standard of living and alleviate poverty in their respective constituencies.

Earlier this month, two constituents named Hon. Charles and Hon. Righteous met with the Member representing their constituency, Hon. Eric Oharisi (Ughelli North constituency 2) seeking to be empowered like many other youths, with a source of livelihood like motorcycle from him. The Honorable who saw the plea as a means to selfishly promote himself as a man of the people gave them his words .

In what seemed to be a disdain gesture on Monday 13th November, 2017, the honourable member representing Ughelli North constituency 2 and Chief Whip of the Delta State House of Assembly, kept to his words by “empowering” them with two motorcycles.

This gesture has been seen by many especially members of his constituency as way below what the honourable should offer judging by the almost limitless resources at his disposal, with some of the constituents having the opinion that he should have given the two youths financial assistance to start up something more meaningful rather than turning them into Okada riders.

It’s embarrassing that in the 21st century, humans are still being empowered with ridiculous and downgrading empowerment packages like motorcycles.

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One comment

  1. Crooked politicians!
    Why not give them tricycle, it cost about N640K in lagos And N700K in Warri.
    Why not open a Training Center, that would benefit a lot of the community.
    Teach them how to fish, Not to die in Okada. Maybe he wants them to have broken legs and they would be forced to sell their late grandfather land to him at low price, cos they need cash for Opebi Hospital in Lagos to treat bike accidents.
    Chinese govt needs to assist us in our constitution, most of our politicians would receive the death sentence and their families would be homeless.
    Nigeria is Fantastically Corrupt, imagine Crooked Saraki taking 90 top lawyers to court.
    The last person to leave Nigeria should not forget to switch off the lights.

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