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Prince Adedayo

Every revolutionary fighter that fought for the change in Nigeria continues to sing the praise of the incoming administration and casting aspersion towards the outgoing, forgetting that revolutionary fight in Nigeria is not against any particular individual rather against any enfermo mental wastage of resources and misgovernance by any group of individual, they see less in the 9 billion Naira affair, I guess they are still drunk with the change.

The change is here, thanks for the praise, please let us face the reality on ground now. One of the major reasons we have not gotten it right is because we cannot differentiate between our elected officials and appointed ones being a boss and the everyday jamboree statement that they are servants of the people.

How justifiable is the 9billion Naira allowance that is awaiting the newly elected 8 National Assembly members and the incoming cabinet members, are these men coming to try and fix the country or we are expecting another set of person(s) coming to take their own part of the National Cake? This furniture, car, housing and whatever allowances they call it, I see it as another misnomer that must be curtail, civil servants who work day in and out are still begging to be paid, yet the government is quiet about this, now the 9 billion for next administration is already on the table.
Stand Up for What is Right!!!

I am a strong advocate of payment to any honourable member to be based on sitting times. The money stated above to me is one of the numerous reasons that has constitute the element of people wanting to getting to power at all cost, and they have originated the slogan of “Do or Die”.
For crying out loud, this is our taxpayer’s money and proceeds from the God’s given resources, this insanity of wastage must be put to an end.
Stand Up for What is Right

We need a cut down in the governor’s security votes, a righteous and an honest man fears no danger, if you are just and have acted equitable you will walk gallantly like an hero among your kinsman. What we need are selfless leaders who believe in the cause of a Nigeria of our dream, and not National Cake Leaders.
Stand for What is Right

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