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Secret Reporters

Investigations have revealed that Prof. Femi Mimiko, immediate younger brother of Dr Olusegun Mimiko and the immediate past Vice Chancellor of the Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Akoko has fled Nigeria in fear of what will happen to him and his brother, the Governor after the Governor’s tenure in 2017.

Prof. as he is fondly called has disguisedly taken up a job opening at Harvard in the name of Sabbatical.
The sabbatical is not wrong in it and it is a standing practice in the academics; and is not the gist of this expose.

Reports have it that, Nazeem, a Professor of political science, whose Professorial interview was conducted by Professors of History, has relocated his entire family to America where he assumes would be far for the long arm of the law and nemesis to reach him.
Sources say, he has turned his house in Royal Shalom area, Akure, where he reigned as ”Emperor in the dark” to a guest house, named ”delightsome land”.

The same name they gave Ondo state at the height of their infamous blood reign. His wife, Bose Mimiko who is a major contractor of the Government even as a civil servant has also left on an indefinite leave of absence.

Femi Mimiko was the unseen hand behind Mimiko’s government, Machiavellian instructor of sorts and designer of the evil that his brother, the Governor was too eager to implement.

On Gov. Mimiko’s assumption of office as Governor, Femi quickly set to work as to how to become VC of the state university.
He ensured that he fixed all positions that will be incidental to his appointment as VC with his cronies.

The first was the SSG, Dr Rotimi Adelola, an equally morally bankrupt individual with no compunction.
Rotimi Adelola, a compulsive drunk, smoker and womanizer, came to Akure on the head of a fledgling fashion design and pure water business in Okota Lagos.

The emergence of Iroko’s immediate younger brother, Prof. Femi Nazeem Mimiko as Vice Chancellor of the State owned university was stage managed.

Information within our reach proves that, the Chairman of the Visitation panel Prof. Tale Omole, now VC of great Ife that sacked Prof’s predecessor and painted all who were against his emergence in bad light, is Prof’s benefactor and a friend of the Iroko.
Tale Omole, it was, who took Prof on at Ife and provided him succor during Prof’s dark days at Akungba.

Tale Omole was also rewarded with the VCship of Ife by the older Mimiko’s connection to Jonathan’s FGN.
Prof. scored many firsts on his way to becoming VC and during his time as VC, he personally selected the panel of the visitation panel that did his yeoman’s job for him.

Femi scored 110% at the interview that gave him the VCship in the panel which he constituted, for that was what it was.
Investigations show that, he sacked all his perceived enemies from the system, promoted all his boys and recommended huge financial support to make his time enjoyable.

After Prof’s emergence as VC at Akungba, he became an overlord performing worse, on his vindictiveness rating than all he preached against, dismissing all who oppose him on flimsy excuses, going as far as visiting the families of perceived opponents with punishment.

It is on record that Prof Mimiko sacked all his perceived enemies, all who as much as disagreed with him from the university and only took some back towards the end of his tenure.

All contracts at AAUA were done by his family members and himself directly. Names of companies have been withheld for now.
Prof Nazeem’s time as VC was fraught with irregularities, corruption, lack of process, blatant corruption and real wickedness.
A source who confided in us said, “Just like the Saraki’s case, almost all the properties in Prof’s house belong to the AAUA, all the vehicles including those given to him by Ondo State Government.” In what capacity, I don’t know, the source queried.

The cars he used as VC and the generators are still with him. Even his guest house uses a government generator. Nazeem installed a stooge as VC to cover his track as VC.

It has been uncovered that, morally bankrupt Femi was sleeping with his students’ even as VC and yet he engineered the sack of some of his colleagues for that same reason.

A student named Tobilola in Political science department says, she regrets sleeping with Mimiko because he still failed her after sleeping with her.

His mansions in America and Canada, his 2 acre country home at Bagbe in Ondo and Lagos leaves no one in doubt that he leads the pack of the nouveau riche.

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  1. ‘Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely’

  2. Our attention has just been called to this piece – yet again, a most wicked and irresponsible usage of the social media by a cowardly group that wallows in the illusion that it could hide behind technology and damage a reputation that it took many years of painstaking efforts to build! It is evident that the despicable elements behind this tissue of lies are doing this for some evil political ends, or found themselves on the wrong end of the principled administration of a Vice Chancellor that insisted that things be done correctly. If the ragamuffins behind this platform are sure of the claims they decided to make here, they should reveal their identity and see if appropriate legal action would not be taken against them. A reputation that took several years to build cannot and should not just be put up for destruction in this manner by a team that here again is contributing to the very poor image that an otherwise promising country like Nigeria has been given by this rather irresponsible usage of the Internet.

  3. The contents of this publication are nothing but a ruse! I am surprised your so called ‘Tobilola’ did not provide information on the course that ‘Prof.’ taught her in Political Science. For your information, the demands of the office of the Vice Chancellor are so enormous that intellectuals would not but laugh about some of your claims in this piece. I am delighted you were at least honest that ‘Professors’ interviewed the former VC of AAUA! Ignoramus reporter!! Are you aware there are different fields in history? Have you heard about Political History? Have you verified the benefits attached to the office of a Vice Chancellor in any reputable university in Nigeria? Mr. Faceless Reporter, you are too small to rubbish excellence! Provide your identity if you are sure of your claims! Dr. Olugbenga IGE, University of the Free State.

  4. Femi is a very stupid fellow. A man who had an illicit sexual relationship with someone’s wife.

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