Give it to Delta State Governor, Senator Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa (SIAO) as Nigeria’s and probably world governor who attends non government functions the most, both relevant and irrelevant ones. A very sad award!

I’m not unaware of the controversy this short piece will cause, but I will just be writing 12% out of 100% that I should have written for personal and political reasons. 88% of it will be kept for another time if the trend of event and poverty raging the land do not improve.

The first error of the Okowa led government was presiding over too much courtesy visits, most of which could have been delegated to the Deputy Governor, SSG or Principal Secretary, but for reasons that he alone can explain, they were all done by him. No one condemned it then, even though most of the groups that came didn’t deserve his attendance but we kept quiet. He just came into office and distracting him early with such criticism will weaken his resolve. But on this issue of attending too much party, we can’t keep quiet any longer.

His aides are silently complaining that “Oga attends too much party”. Deltans are completely fed up of his “One week, one burial or marriage event”. The street condemns it and him for wasting millions of Delta money to fuel his entourage even though they are few, to events that do not add values to the lives of Deltans.

Someone should tell the governor to sit in government house to allow him work than junketing round the state in search of burial or marriages of Co politicians relationship except just to score political point for 2019.

Governors attend more of political events not political burials and marriages. Governors attend more of social events that bring minds such as inventors, celebrities or technocrats not some politicians who stole money and using it to throw lavish parties.

Okowa constant going to parties that are not his political party activities is almost grounding the state since its always shut once he’s out of town.

Today he’s gone to Ozoro for another burial and may be away again before month end for another wedding or burial of a politician. The question is “as a governor for all, will he gladly attend the event of a common man if he’s invited”? I doubt it.

Let those who care tell him to sit in Asaba and deliver on his promises which he has been successfully doing but should do more and delegates such party activities to aides. Delta State is not a cemetery ground or wedding venue that should always have the attention of Okowa.

A movie premiere will be taking place early next year and it’s such activities he should gladly attend, support and encourage just as he attended National Council of Information. Burials and weddings should be limited.

To be continued…

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  1. this whole article iz useless. going after a sittin governor like that is bad

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