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Federal Road Safety Corps Expects to Generate Over N70 Million From Towing Nigerian Motors in 2024

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The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) is set to generate a staggering N73 million from towing services this year. The information was uncovered from the 2024 Government-Owned Enterprises (GOE) budget proposal, where a detailed breakdown of the FRSC’s finances for 2024 was given.

According to the budget proposal, the FRSC plans to earn a total of N79.8 billion in revenue, with a significant portion earmarked for road safety projects. However, a closer look at the allocation of funds gives concern, especially in the allocation of N73 million for towing services. This implies speculation of having many Nigerian vehicles towed this year.

The revenue breakdown shows diverse sources, including driver’s license fees, fines, sales of motor vehicle number plates, and donations. Interestingly, the N73 million allocated to towing services stands out as one of the highest earmarked amounts for a single service, raising concern about how many Nigerians are expected to run into troubles that could lead to their vehicles being towed this year.

Critics argue that towing services should be an essential aspect of road safety but question the need for such a hefty budget, particularly when other crucial areas, such as driver training and signage, receive comparatively smaller allocations. This has prompted calls for Nigerians to adhere to road use rules and the government to check the condition of cars on the roads.

On the expenditure side, the budget reveals a total expenditure of N17.7 billion, with a significant portion allocated to recurrent costs, including travel and transport, utilities, materials and supplies, and maintenance services. Critics argue that while it is crucial to maintain the organization’s efficiency, there must be a balance between operational costs and the implementation of road safety projects.

The capital expenditure section of the budget shows N2.4 billion allocated for the purchase of fixed assets, construction of office and residential buildings, and supplementary projects. Notably, the budget includes projects such as the construction of building projects in Benue and Yobe sector commands, Oshogbo Zonal Command, and the upgrade of training rooms at FRSC NHQ Abuja.

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