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Rejoinder to Wicked publication on APLSCD

It has been brought to our notice of a false and unverified publication being peddled against our association by a website 247reports.

According to them we the members of Association of People Living with Sickle Cell Disorder received a sum of 1million Naira from Mr. Peter Obi to galvanize political support for him. The notice of this information left us reeling with a long wild laughter, as we couldn’t comprehend how a blog of such repute could publish an information without verification.

It is already in public the sum our association received from Peter Obi, so inflating or deflating the amount leaves such reporter a liar that shouldn’t be heeded to. The said publication reported by Joe chikendi And titled “Umeh arrested and released self says Nwaobualor” Is perceived by our Association as a wicked deformations and cheap blackmail by our detractors, who are ready to go any length to ensure that the Government withdrew its pledge of support from us.

Ever since we came out open to reveal the ills that is being perpetuated by some selfish agents in the ministry of health, our association has come under the brimstone and fire of People who feel that the truth is denying or would deny them their fraudlent means of income. These said persons have employed various means to gag us and stop us from saying the truth. So it is no surprise that they have now resorted to blackmail, looking for ways to pitch us against a government that we have always supported throughout our sensitisation programs across the 21 Local Governments in Anambra State.

In all their efforts to destabilize us we have grown stronger and have resolved to leave everything to God. But one thing we assure the society is that we shall always be vocal and shall never stop saying the truth about our Ordeals during our sensitization tours and programs.These selfish persons are ripping us off our members and they care less about who gets hurt in their brazen desire to enrich their pockets fraudlently from funds meant for the masses.

It is quite appalling that some persons refer to us as an NGO, it is very laughable, because we have stated it clearly that we are an Association just like other bodies like NASU, NATO, ASUU, NUT, NMA Etc and not a private Property or NGO as some Mischief makers have tagged us, Our Association is one that protects the common interest of sickle cell sufferers. Unlike other NGOs ran by people without a pint knowledge of sickle cell, we are the sufferers and we understand how it affects us the most.

It is noteworthy that The contestants in the ANAMBRA Central Senatorial Election are people we have a lot of respect for, regardless of their parties and as such will not condone anybody calling them uncomplimentary names and allegations in the name of Campaign, these Gentlemen are our Hope in Agitating for Our SICKLE CELL LAW to be implemented at the red Chamber if they come out victorious at the end of the day. The Association frowns at any individual who considers us as weaklings who should be inflicted with pity on a hospital bed Rather than contribute or protect their interest of survival in Governance. Likewise every other professionals each and every one of us are professionals in our own field of endeavor therefore should be respected and be given a chance to practice our own career without politicizing our freedom and RIGHT to be useful to the society.

We are fully aware that some individuals are not comfortable with our intensive MEDIA campaign on our sensitization drive, in bringing it to the consciousness of our young generation on the dangers of having SICKLE CELL children out of ignorant. Rather than appreciate the living sacrifice we the sufferers have made so far to save more lives, some politicians simply considered this move as very intimidating especially on Social MEDIA where kings and Queen’s of ignorant parents and Prospective couple are dominated.
Let no one deceive him or herself that the APLSCD is been sponsored or Own by any political group. If only the RIGHT thing is done, people will not be paranoid or apprehensive over the Emergence of the Strong Association full of Intellectuals that have been grossly abused. It is a thing of big shame that among the women group in this state Only the WIFE of the Governor Chief Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano has Personally given her support to the APLSCD and empowered some of them with the sincerity of her heart through her CAFE project yet the Multitude of the philanthropic women that gave birth to some of us when their Love was blind will attack us especially my person on the social media because I have not joined the bandwagons of ruthless campaigns of character assassination in the Name of OJEBEGO! It also beat my imagination when we tell people that we are going through a horrific pain inflicted on us by this same reckless group of learned political women and some of them will say we are seeking attention for self pity, or blackmailing them emotionally, or telling lies, when they cannot provide either the truth or an Anagelsic to cure our pains! But they want to enjoy our Wright’s through their hubbies, Where do we APLSCD go from here?

Do we now start telling sweet lies to appeal to their conscience?
Do we now volunteer to go for slave trade to please the society?
Do we opt for suicide mission to make them fell more content?
Do we stop going to churches as a sign of protest to God himself?
Do we join cultism to unleash the same pain to the society?
What in God name does the society want from us?
When will the society Apologise to us and minimize our pain?
APLSCD is begging for an Answer!

However We shall continue to support and pray for those that have offer their shoulders for us to lean on, and as well rescue us in time of crisis and need, and not even a blog post , political advisers or any powerful force can deter us now since death is not a respecter of any person, In God We Trust. Long Live Ndi ANAMBRA , Long Live APLSCD Nigeria.

National Coordinator.

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