Friday , December 8 2023


Emmanuel Onuaguluchi

Far away in New York we read about a pending bill making its way in the National Assembly seeking to amend some provisions of the enabling act that control the trial of certain public officials in the court.

For a starter, this action of the senate of the federal republic of Nigeria is a slap and insult to the citizens of this great Nation and outright disregard to our constitution that nobody is above the law.

Is it any surprise that this type of action is carried out without regard to the will of the people and the continued impunity of our fellow Nigerians to stop at nothing but to continue the corrupt practices and corruption that has brought this once giant of Africa to a debtor nation with no sustained gas electricity supply?

What is the objective and what National interest will the senate achieve by this action and the answer is not farfetched but can they succeed only if Nigerians let these few individuals get away with their looting of our treasury.

This is not about Buhari and APC, for this bill challenged the entire Nation. It is a call for mass protest and for people to rise and say enough is enough.

What is the mindset of these Nigerians who think they are above the law because they are asked to do the most simple task any public office seeking person does in any democracy which is declare your asset?
How difficult is it for anybody to declare truthfully their asset? and I assume for 99% of our fellow Nigerians that is not a difficult task.

The grab mentality of these politicians has root in their poverty ridden state of mind. Hence, when they come into public fund they scheme and direct their entire focus on corruption and stealing and when challenged they seek to change the law.

This singular action of senator Nwaoboshi entitles his constituents to recall him and all that support this bill.
It is also true that this bill will not nullify the current cases proceeding in the courts as the bill under any norms will not be retroactive so you begin to wonder the length this folks will take Nigeria to just to achieve their goals.

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