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Secret Reporters

More revelations has trailed series of reports on Delta State Polytechnic, Oghara, from our medium, on the role played by the Rector of the Institution, Dr.(Mrs).Clara Sogbaike and her children, as they turn the polytechnic to a family affair.

Our investigation web has caught up with the former commissioner for higher education in Delta State, Professor Hope Eghagha, who we have reliably investigated, to have connived with the Rector, using his then position as Commissioner, to make monies for himself, through the establishment of Brafield Internet Service, where each student pay N1500 to carry out online registration.

The Rector, Mrs.Clara, has been remitting percentage of cash through cheques to the former commissioner, Professor Hope, who we also gathered was kidnapped in 2012, where the Rector was said to dole out money to him after his release by the kidnappers.
Further findings prove that, Eghagha is the major fraud player in the institution, as he was said to approve all contracts relating to the institution, without a tender board.

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Haven discovered that his deeds were exposed through petition, in a meeting with staff of the institution; Hope Eghagha had openly said that, “all petitioners will die.”

We have gathered that, the former chairman, Governing Council of the institution, Dr.Steve Oru has been fingered in the ongoing saga, as we have also discovered that, in 2013, Steve Oru was shot along Ughelli road, by hoodlums, and the Rector released N5 million for his treatment.

Further investigations shows that, Steve Oru, who was the Minister for Niger Delta was into the supply of cement to the building of projects in the institution, with an outrageous cost said to be at N6,000 per bag, while the son of the Rector, Tobi Sogbaike was in charge of supply of sand, also at a higher rate due to the position of his mother as a Rector.

Also, in violation of the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) admission quota, Steve Oru had also aided the institution to issue fake result to thousands of students who they gave fake admission to.

The NBTE quota accommodates about 80 students, but the Rector and then Council Chairman, Steve Oru had admitted over 1000 students in an academic session, but in a move to cover their track, in one of the NBTE visitations, they had submitted result and admission list of 80 students, when the admission list was over bloated.

In a bid to also cover this, Dr. Steve who was later appointed as Niger Delta Minister, in connivance with then minister for Education, Ibrahim Shekarau, subdued NBTE not to suspend the academic programs in the institution as was done with IMT Enugu, where principal officers were suspended, and admission process also suspended.

We could not speak with the Rector to respond, as she had previously warned one of our editors never to call her again, meanwhile, the mtn and glo lines of the Institution’s public relations officer were switched off.

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  1. I read a book recently titled, ‘The Pain of Leadership.’ Leadership no doubt has pains most especially in a country like Nigeria where we never honour and appreciate our leaders but choose rather to criticise and lampoon them and make their contributions to Nigeria’s development infinitesimal. That’s the way the cooky crumbles. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GCFR) was visionary and magnanimous enough to make an Urhobo man, Dr. Steve Oru, who has distinguished himself in many respects a federal minister. What does he get? Criticisms from a notorious and infamous online platform known only for derogatory and negative reports. I wonder how many bags of cement he sold to become a federal minister.
    Dr.(Mrs.)Clara Sogbaike is not the 1st Rector of Delta State Polytechnic, Otefe-Oghara. She is the 1st female substantive Rector of the institution adjudged to be one of the foremost institution of higher learning in Nigeria today. This means that others came before her.However, when her resounding achievements are juxtaposed with that of her predecessors, it is very glaring even to the physically blind that this woman of substance,an amazing amazon,the wonder woman of Otefe has left her footprints in the sands of time. No amount of covert negative media campaign can take that from her. Have you heard or seen what she did just this last week? All you need do is pay a visit to the polytechnic. That is when you will come face to face with the painful truth that no lie can serve the purpose of God. You will also realize to your chagrin that only ‘fools play where angels fear to thread.’

  2. General Josh Rtd



    Fejiro Oliver is known name in the business of blackmail of political office holders most importantly when those office holders refuse his trick of extortion, He will always result to doing blackmail and other media attacks this is a known fact to those who know Fejiro Oliver online history.

    Fejiro Oliver has through his secret reporter alleged siphoning of money by Prof. Hope Eghagha and Rector of the institution, the money he said belong to Delta state Polytechnic Oghara.

    Prof. Hope Eghagha was a former commissioner for higher education, Delta state whose track records still speak volume even after his exit, there was never a time where he sat as the institutions council chairman as Fejiro alleged.

    Fejiro also alleged the Rector of the institution was corrupt and that she enhanced the steeling, if only Fejiro will listen to students voice on campus that has warned him from telling lies about their institution and Rector on several occasions.

    It will be recall that students of the institution has on several occasions warn Fejiro to stay away from telling lies against their Rector who students has always describe as an icon of development in the institution. A Rector who has developed physical structures and build a sound academic learning environment for the institution.

    In Fejiro usual ways of telling lies, He said Noregha hotel belongs to Prof. Hope because of the nomenclature” Nora and Eghagha. Fejiro need to be properly examined by a specialist to know his mental state. Clearly Prof. Hope Eghagha is a seasoned scholar who has since return to his University after finishing his term as a commissioner, A position He got on the request of the the then state Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan.

    Deltans and indeed the general public should not take him serious because he is known for character assassination and blackmailing tendencies.

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