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Deltans Diaspora 

First,I wish to draw the attention of the general public to the news making the rounds on social media as published on 22nd July,2014 on the secret reporters by Fejiro Oliver that the distinguished Senator Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa media group is in disarray after a secret meeting and sharing money sometime last year in Asaba.

Permit me to say here that the Media group never at any one time met last year for such and over such as this is just a smear campaign to malign and ridicule the image of our distinguished Senator.
There was no time any of such meetings was held at the instance of the very distinguished Senator nor monthly cash promises made to the media group.
The media group remains firm and well coordinated in its activities.

This is one of such that we have received in the last few weeks by propagandists and antagonists who are going out all length to cause disaffection and disarray amongst members,the campaign organisation and tarnish the image of our principal.
The Jude Bowei whose name appeared in your said publication is not known to either the Senator nor the media/campaign group.

The Senator going by his political maturity,humility and wisdom at no time boasted to anyone that the First Lady Patience Jonathan and even the president are his backbones as these are just one of those pockets of lies and smear campaign strategies aimed to discredit him.

Note that the respected high chief,foremost nationalist and great Ijaw leader-Chief EK Clerk is a father of all with high proven integrity and good fatherly disposition to all.
We advise the writer not to drag the hard-earned reputation of the respected and revered leader into such campaign of calumny and disrepute.

For the purpose of clarity,note that no wise politician in his right sense of reasoning,make open to the entire world where his political will and strength lies unless being driven by puerile tendencies.

The distinguished Senator’s campaign strategies remains to him and will not involve in smear campaign nor politics of pull him down syndrome.

We advise and encourage all to ignore such rumours from rumour-mills and rumour-mongers that are bent on doing any and everything possible to tarnish the hard-earned image of the Senator.

We also wish to advise those involved in such smear campaigns to desist from such as the law shall soon be made to take its course at time most appropriate.

On truth we stand and shall continue to feed the public with it.

Long live Senator Okowa,
Long live Delta State,
Long live the Federal republic of Nigeria.

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  1. He's not worthy to be a governor if he has been alleged to spend money to win election, then he has already lost to the best candidate who is a man from the grassroots.

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